With Rick Owen‘s championing the ultimate display of artistic anatomy across the Parisian runways of 2016, the credible display of female strength and sisterhood dubbed the “human-backpack” has seen a surge of innovative designers look to the human body for design inspiration.


Rick Owens | Spring/Summer Paris Runway Show 2016


With a deep-rooted fascination of the human bod, Fendi heiress Delfina Delettrez has effectively transformed anatomic jewellery into captivating pieces of wearable art. Adding opulent materials such as pearls, gold and precious gems, the “Anatomik” collection encompasses an essence of avant-guarde whilst remaining suitable for daily wear. 

Delfina Delettrez | Anatomik

Unveiling an array of intricate body-based designs,  the collection comprises of a cuff shaped like vampire teeth, skull cabochon rings, and diamond-encrusted pinky fingers.  Enriched with bold colours for an enhanced playful allure, the Fendi heiress claims the average consumer desires opulent accessories that resemble that of a child-like trinket;

“Now people don’t want to have jewels that are shiny and don’t want to have the big diamonds. They want to have the jewels that seem fake! But you just know it’s real. It seems like a toy.” (POPSUGAR, 2009)

Delfina Delettrez | Anatomik

Interpreting the body in unconventional ways, Delettrez effectively shuffles her focused body parts experimenting with different positions and volumes;

“I move everything around—one will end up wearing an eye on the finger and a mouth on the ear. Thank God that I decided to use this technique in jewelry and not in surgery!”  (Harpers Bazaar, 2014)

Percy Lau

With an enhanced focus on detail and hand-crafted materials, London-based designer Percy Lau‘s collection of miniature body parts are close replicas of the real thing with an unorthodox twist. Driving a bizzare force of fascination, each design is equipped to adorn different areas of the body, whilst evoking a strong sense of nostalgia from the cubist period. (The Stylist, 2015)

Percy Lau

Although each design camouflages itself  seamlessly against the skin tone, Lau’s great attention to detail ensures the audacious piece retains its sense of fierce prominence. Defining her inspiration, Lau comments on her anatomic philosophy;

“I was talking with some friends about how people need to learn to listen to others more, so I made a metal ear brooch, meaning “an extra ear to help us listen”. The idea expanded to what I have now.” (The Up Coming, 2012)

Daniel Ramos Obregon  | Body & Mind Collection

Inspired by the concept of “Outrospection”, Colombian-born designer Daniel Ramos Obregon experiments with the appearance and discovery of one’s body, shape and self. Drawing inspiration from the of works of philosopher Roman Kznaric, the “Body and Mind” collection plays on the concept of self-discovery, believing one must live on the outside to become self-acquainted. With an avid interest in the relationship between art, fashion and performance, the Columbian pinpoints the perfect meeting point for all three mediums.

Daniel Ramos Obregon | Body & Mind Collection

Delicately crafting the collection from porcelain body casting, Obregon decorates the handles with touches of  Colombian kingwood whilst providing each piece with a gold plated polished finish. Embracing a sculptural essence, the 8 piece series represents the idea of the mind escaping the body, as a way of self-expression and representation.  (Chasseur Magazine, 2014).

Yi Zhou | Body Memory Collection


Providing an opportunity for the wearer to store the precious memories that we often lose, such as smell and touch. Chinese designer Yi Zhou creates a memory through each sculpt-able piece, compiling a unique series of duplicated cast models transformed into accessories. Painting the “Thumb” design with red nail polish and “Teeth” design with a single golden tooth, Yi Zhou intricately decorates each piece relaying on the ideology that the body itself is capable of storing memories, as opposed to only the brain.

Although anatomic accessories are not always adorn appropriate, the style retains an intense force of fascination and contemporary appeal. Discussing the gravitation towards this style of design, Italian designer Delettrez believes that in the drive for a unique aesthetic this kind of  experimentation is enchanting and forever captivating;

“Maybe we can move away from having to wear an engagement ring—introduce engagement rings, engagement earrings, engagement bracelets, and to add a little punkiness to it, a little irony, I wanted to introduce the engagement nose ring. It’s a fake piercing but with real diamonds.” Delfina Delettrez (Vogue, 2015)


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