Born and raised in Istanbul, a city rich in culture and intricately aligned between Europe and Asia. Talented designer Aişegül Telli believes the fierce exoticism of her home-town will forever be a silhouette embroidered in her soul.

Aişegül Telli

With creativity running through her genes, the talented Turk followed in the footsteps of her artistic father.  Often returning home with beads and metal parts, the artist would set artistic challenges for his daughter on a weekly basis. As time passed, Telli established a strong bond with her tools and began to cherish her materials, often carrying her beloved beads inside her pockets as a trophy.

Aişegül Telli

Absorbing creativity from all corners of life, the Turkish designer strives to capture the aesthetic of every detail and express her creativity in the form of an artistic language. Claiming her artistic outlook is dependent on the surrounding ambience, the creative designer states;

“The matter is which way you prefer to look and what will influence you the most. The mood you are in is the filter before your eyes .Something fictional, structural, functional or architectural can catch your eye and inspire you.”

Aişegül Telli  | Red Ombre Coral Brooch | Sugar Reef Unique Broach

Born in July, Telli basks in the joy of summer-time and embeds its warm essence into her designs. With ideas marbling from a summers diving experience, the Turkish designer delivers a serene setting whilst paying homage to the vibrancy of the underwater world. Saluting an eccentric decadence with touches of playfulness, the collection evokes the happiness of a warm summers day. Enamoured by the radiant colours of Ocean, Aisegul claims;

“Just the colours appearing, mixing, ascending, losing in each other, leaving different emotions as the tones were changing. That I could not put into words.  I got the same feeling when I dived for the first time and saw the variety & harmony of the colours underwater. It was absolutely dreamlike.”

Aişegül Telli  | Blue Reef, Necklace Detail | Blue Coral Isle, Unique Brooch

Transforming underwater dreams into tangible realities, the creative designer creates a coral-like textured surface through micro glass spheres. Often mistaken as actual coral, the collection illuminates a clear reflection of colour and radiance from the Ocean.

Aişegül Telli | Nine Branch Pink Coral Ring

Touched by a moment in time, each piece is filed, soldered and coloured individually, ensuring no two objects are ever the same. Enhanced with rough edges and uneven textures, touches of avant-garde are immersed throughout the collection.

Aişegül Telli  | Air Bubble Unique Ring


Providing a captivating insight into this mysterious aquatic world, Aisegul Telli’s treasured collection offers a journey into the unknown through each piece. Honouring a sense of adventure and exploration, the Telli philosphy that we do not belong to any once place revolutionises this unique style with a modern twist.  With a fine  array of colourful exuberance and intriguing shapes,  the creative designer embraces the natural elements with an artistic flair , believing experimentation is  key to a contemporary jewellery collection.

Emphasising the importance of travel and discovery amidst the search for creativity, the creative designer’s claims;

“You belong to more than one place and always miss the other side of you.” Aişegül Telli

With special thanks to Aişegül Telli for her insightful words and inspiration.

Aişegül Telli is showcasing her designs in Palakiss centre of  Vicenza, Italy, January 22 – 27 th & at the Alliages Gallery in Lille France.