Maker of beautiful, innovative and wonderfully individualistic magazines, is art director and designer Andrew Stainforth. Since graduating from London College of Fashion, Stainforth has built his career on having worked in various roles within the magazine sector, going onto to work for GQ Style, The Sunday Times Style, Matches Fashion and other premium publications. Recently, the HausMag team had the pleasure of interviewing this talented creative, getting an exclusive insight into his creative process regarding his latest project – Zine.

Courtesy on Andrew Stainforth

All images courtesy on Andrew Stainforth


Founded by Stainforth, Zine is a bi-annual publication that explores and documents male focused fashion. Each issue discusses a variety of topics such as art & design, literature, and music that inspire and affect through its curated editorials. Through sourcing its content from contributors belonging to different industries, Zine is a space for promoting male fashion through other art forms.


Having an intense passion for print media, within Zine’s printed pages are custom textured, translucent interlude sheets that Stainforth textured himself with a lino block. In addition to including one of his own personal projects, the typography has also been custom created, leaving Zine with a powerful Andrew Stainforth stamp of ownership and individuality.



From purely fashion based projects to artistic solutions and photography, the content ties together as a compelling archive of conceptual personal projects donated by its contributors. The aesthetic objective is to establish a relationship and communication channel between text and image as well as its readers, appealing to the individual who recognises the importance of the continual cultural dialogue between literature, art, fashion, art & design and music. “I just wanted to create something beautiful” says Stainforth.


Zine showcases a refreshing selection of up and coming creatives work, offering an exposure platform for less well known designers. Through intersecting the industries, Zine delivers an explosion of raw material that truly captivates and inspires its audience.

Special thanks or the kind words of Andrew Stainforth