American retail powerhouse Anthropologie closed down its Manhattan flagship store two years ago, and there hasn’t been another since. Servicing the creative-minded woman, explore with HausMag the newly opened store, located at Broadway and Fulton Street. In what is known as the “wedding-cake” building of downtown Manhattan. The store shares the ground floor of the building with Nobu, a successful Japanese restaurant.

195 Broadway Anthropologie | Photography by New York Post

With two whole floors, the new store features an array of products, from clothing, to stationary and to customized furniture. On the night of the grand opening, the store was full of energy, employees bustling about and customers shopping with arms full of clothes. The new location has its own unique atmosphere compared to the store on 5th Avenue. Where the 5th avenue Anthropologie catered to a more sophisticated crowd, the new store matches it’s location with a cool, edgy downtown Manhattan style. With tall columns and floor to ceiling glass windows, the interior design complements the brand’s image perfectly with an elegant combination of bohemian style and sophistication.

Downtown Manhattan Anthropologie store basement | photography by Tiffany Ying

Downtown Manhattan Anthropologie store basement | Photography by Tiffany Ying for HausMag

“This is first Anthropologie in downtown Manhattan since the Soho store closed down, people are very excited”, says Brianna, a stylist at the 5th Avenue Anthropologie. Also stating that over eight hundred people RSVPd to the grand opening invitation.

The first floor is has the set up of a conventional retail store; stylish, spacious floor plan, and racks full of clothes. Currently their spring collections are on display, featuring clothes that are vibrant in color, with varying floral patterns. The first floor alone would provide a fulfilling retail experience for customers. In spite of that, the lower second floor is where the personality of the store shines through, and elevates Anthropologie as a retail brand.

Spring items on display | Photography by Tiffany Ying

Spring items on display | Photography by Tiffany Ying for HausMag

The new Anthropologie store features a ‘custom furniture’ section, where customers can change certain aspects of a product according to their preferences. Although Anthropologie has always offered lifestyle products, larger items like furniture or bedding are mostly sold exclusively online. It is likely that in this new store, Anthropologie wishes to expand their focus of lifestyle products, to distinguish themselves from the other retails stores in the area, including their sister store Urban Outfitters. By bringing more lifestyle products to the store, Anthropologie successfully markets a lifestyle of graceful elegance with strong patterns and colors.

Custom furniture service | Photography by Tiffany Ying

Custom furniture service | Photography by Tiffany Ying for HausMag

Owing to the large space, the new store puts a great focus on lifestyle products on the lower floor, creating an interior space that is designed to make the customers feel at home. 

With special thanks to the staff at Anthropologie for their insight and personal comments.

Written by Tiffany Ying

Edited by Sonia Wan 

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