Looking to our wondrous Earth for creative inspiration, the Ocean is emerging as a large focal point from eco-enthusiasts and artisans worldwide.

Emma Fineman | Ocean Series

Showcasing the movements of crashing waves with diligent bold strokes amidst soft tones, painting graduate Emma Fineman captures the mysterious allure of the deep with a sense of enchantment. The Oakland-based painter, touches her illustrations with a dreamy like texture highlighting the current climate issues;

“Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, in a climate dense with fog, has influenced me to represent landscape in a blurred and dreamlike way. The use of natural settings, organic shapes, and colours specific to this landscape are repeated elements in my work. My focus as a painter is to produce images that seem to be remembered in an psychological sense, or even imagined, as opposed to directly witnessed.” (Ignant, 2016)

With the emerging abundance of Oceanic-inspired montages, creative ideas now reflect a subdued oblique commentary regarding the state of our planet. Straying from the typical marinière stripes and sailor trousers, an array of designers are honouring  Oceanic style with a plethora of organic twists.

Rodarte | Spring 2015 Collection


Luxury American fashion house Rodarte hosted a delicate collection that reflected that of a ship-wreck. The elaborate garments were embellished with visionary rock pools, whilst the delicate embroidery documented what lies beneath. (Vogue, 2015)

Valentino | Spring 2015 Collection

The Italians sent Maria Grazia Chiura and Pierpaolo Piccioli down the runway  for Valentino, adorned in precious maritime accessories. The collection encompassed a range of sleek and sheer material, draped over in models in muted soft tones.  

Studio Swine | Gyrecraft

Creating opulent, unearthly objects for modern consumption, Anglo-Japanese design studio “Studio Swine” have intricately created an array of extraordinary projects from around the world. The renowned organisation aims to examine the role of modern day design and its effect on the future resources of the luxury design.

Studio Swine | Gyrecraft

On a mission to transform Ocean trash into elaborate artistic objects, the Gyrecraft project travelled 1000 nautical miles collecting plastic waste.

Studio Swine | Gyrecraft

The recycled collection consists of five different objects that represent the five major ocean gyres. Striving to draw attention to eco-issues, the organisation invented the Solar Extruder, a device that melts and extrudes the sea plastic they discovered with solar energy. The revolutionary artisan transformation takes place on boat, accentuating the companies core mission whilst reminiscing on the heritage of ocean craft. (Desing Milk, 2016)

Aişegül Telli  | Blue Reef, Necklace Detail | Blue Coral Isle, Unique Brooch

Transforming underwater dreams into tangible realities, creative designer Aişegül Telli delivers a precious, elaborate collection whilst paying homage to the vibrancy of the underwater world. With ideas marbling from a summers diving experience, the Turkish designer creates a delicate array of coral-like textured surfaces through micro glass spheres. Often mistaken as actual coral, the collection illuminates a clear reflection of the colours and radiance from the Ocean.

Aişegül Telli  |Red Ombre Coral Brooch | Sugar Reef Unique Broach

Saluting an eccentric decadence with touches of playfulness, the collection evokes the happiness of a warm summers day. Enamoured by her deep-rooted respect and the Ocean’s beauty, Aişegül claims;

“Just the colours appearing, mixing, ascending, losing in each other, leaving different emotions as the tones were changing. That I could not put into words. I got the same feeling when I dived for the first time and saw the variety & harmony of the colours underwater. It was absolutely dreamlike.” — Aişegül Telli




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