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A pioneering new concept has arisen in the architectural world. Fusing both design concepts and the science of sound, Tenerife-born architect Fenrano Menis has introduced Picado – a mix of concrete and broken red brick.

Demonstrated across the CKK Jordanki auditorium in Torun, Poland the particularly eye-catching structure sits tranquilly encompassed in a setting of natural green. Its exterior is constructed from white concrete, whilst the intricately shaped building offers a stark red-bricked contrast.

The cut and carved aesthetic offers a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional brick, which is then crushed and melted into the concrete as a reference to the façades of the city, a UNESCO heritage. (Designboom, 2016)

The building is not only impressive to look at, Menis shaped the design and construction to ensure optimum acoustics are achieved during musical performances.

“I wanted to make an auditorium that has the best efficiency possible, one that can adapt to different events and various capacities for public, and even to be able to house several independent acts simultaneously.” Menis (Dezeen, 2016)

Fernando MenisCKK Jordanki | Photography by Designboom

Fernando MenisCKK Jordanki |Photography by Designboom

Fernando MenisCKK Jordanki |Photography by Deezen
FM3Fernando MenisCKK Jordanki | Photography by Deezen

Fernando MenisCKK Jordanki |Photography by Designboom

 Fernando MenisCKK Jordanki |Photography by Designboom

Fernando MenisCKK Jordanki |Photography by Deezen

Fernando MenisCKK Jordanki |Photography by Designboom

First experimenting with the construction technique for the Tenerife-based Magma Art & Congress in 2005,  the Spanish architect has progressed through advanced research to deliver a more precise, finely tuned structure;

“Thanks to its dynamic ceiling, the building can be tuned to effectively absorb symphonic performances, chamber, theatre, opera, and film and meet any acoustic requirements the theatre designer requires.” Fernando Menis


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