Attending the exclusive first night and VIP preview of Art Central, the Hausie team bring you our must-see artworks from the prestigious Hong Kong Central Harbourfront event.

Art Central | 2016 |Photography by Hausie

Following its grand opening last year, Art Central is back with over 100 galleries from 21 countries. With a wide variety of creative artworks and a spectacular layout, the fair is split into three sections and is curated with over 75 percent of Asian artwork.

Panel Discussion | Art Central | 2016 | Photography by Hausie

Opened by panel discussion, Sinclair Communications introduced the faces behind the organisation. Co-founder of ART HK Tim Etchells, Maree Di Pasqual and Gina Wong contributed their ideology behind the project in a dialogue of both English and Cantonese. 

Jane Lee | Art Central | 2016 | Photography by Hausie

The fair is divided into three sections : CENTRAL features works from group exhibitions from Asia and beyond, RISE is a contemporary display of emerging artists that have launched over the last six years and PROJECTS features the exhibitions’ larger pieces and mix media works.

Elaine Yan Ling Ng’s Sundew | Art Central | 2016 | Photography by Hausie

The site-specific installations commissioned by Elaine Yan Ling Ng, was truly an enchanting vision of the fusion between technology and art. The shimmering Swarovski crystals combined with textiles and electronics offered a whimsical welcome at the forefront of the display, each crystal piece moving in response to the classical symphony performed by the violinist.

Li Hongbo | Art Central | 2016 |Photography by Hausie

Trained in a variety of artistic fields from Fine to Folk and Experimental art, artist Li Hongbo plays with the appearances and connotations of paper. The Chinese artist hosts an engaging range of pieces that resemble a spring-like texture when moved.

Li Hongbo | Art Central | 2016 | Photography by Hausie

The former editor and designer, crafts his objects to appear as roman structures embracing the flexibility, resilience and strength of paper among his designs.

Kamolpan Chotvichai | Art Central | 2016 |Photography by Hausie

Addressing issues of identity and gender in her photo-based self-portraits, artist Kamolpan Chotvichai challenges the formal limitations of canvas by meticulously hand-cutting her images.

Zhuang Hong Yi | Art Central | 2016 | Photography by Hausie

Adding a sprinkle of colour to the otherwise clinical walls, Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi manipulates thousands of rice paper flowers transforming them into a large 3-dimensional field canvas. The exhibition has been shown in esteemed galleries worldwide and is definitely one not to be missed.

Kyungsoo Byun | Art Central | 2016 | Photography by Hausie

Korean artist Kyungsoo Byun embeds touches of fun into the world of object art with his bold orange “Space Fatty”.

Art Central | 2016 | Photography by Hausie

With over 32,000 buyers, collectors and members of the art-loving public flocking to see Hong Kong’s most dynamic contemporary art fair, Art Central has positioned itself at the forefront of Hong Kong’s thriving art scene marking Asia’s world city as one of the most creative in the world.


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