Taking the step above and beyond for the organic jewellery industry,  American florist Susan McLeary has produced a range of actual wearable plants. Producing a tangible product that is entirely organic and can be kept for many years to come.

Unlike traditional jewellers constructing their pieces from fine metals and rare commodities, McLeary created her product accidentally after a friends request to design wedding flowers. Fusing her adoration of jewellery design and garden florals, the American designer created her organic masterpiece.

The attaching live florals can be adorned for 2-4 weeks whilst they grow then later be removed to pot, leaving the wearer with the memory and elegant piece.


This Jewelry Is Made Of Living Plants That You Can Grow In A Pot After [Online] Available at

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Eye-Catching Jewelry Made Of Living Plants That You Can Grow In A Pot After Use Available at

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Living Jewelry That Grows While You Wear It [Online] Available at

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