Challenging the perceptions of one’s surroundings through bejewelling rotting fruits, Argentian designer Luciana Rondolini explores the relation between people and their objects in today’s disposable society.

Adopting banana’s, apple’s and pear’s, Rondolini deliberately exposes the fruits decaying inner flesh whilst the exterior is encrusted in diamantes. The project named “Tiffany” explores the idea of beauty and value.

Discussing this concept, the Argentinian designer represents a most unusual symbiosis of beautiful and ugly. Commenting on the unique design, Rondolini claims;

“The brilliance of novelty makes us forget the real value of objects, and the fact that they are all perishable and doomed to become obsolete. These fruits, then, work as a Vanitas, reminding us of the deterioration and forgetfulness to which all things are subjected.”


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