Brushing shoulders with the outstanding masters of design and influential business connoisseurs.  The HAUSIE team join the creative panel of fashion intellectuals to cover a broad spectrum of intriguing topics, each bringing their individual expertise and advice.

Hosted by the prestigious BODW, whom enjoy their reputation as Asia’s leading annual event on design. The creative panel explore the progression possibilities of Asian fashion within the global market whilst sharing market insights and entrepreneurship.

Discussing the growth of Hong-Kong and Seoul as potential emerging fashion hubs. OBE awarded Jane Rapley discusses the possibilities of the vibrant city of Hong-Kong emerging as a fashion hub, Rapley claims;

“Hong-Kong has enough hardware, but requires more software.”

Commenting on the essential foundations of an emerging fashion hub, the OBE awardee stated Hong-Kong requires a greater complexity, than standalone fashion to begin its stride. Rapley states in order for fashion to find its true voice, the first step is adopting a mix of all everything from broader areas such as art and culture in order to build up content.

Embracing the cities rich diversity and culture along with its established global position, the renowned professor explores if the creative community is diverse enough to evolve. Claiming the Asian citiy’s lack of subcultures is an impacting factor, however with the number of early adopters in abundance, the academic claims this transformation  is still possible as;

“They have the power to change the world. “- Jane Rapley

The Fashion Eco-System Forum

With reference to the excellence of the HK educational system and how the Hong-Kong creative market is relatively intermeshed.  Rapley questions if the correct combination of creativity and theory is being manifested in schools. Believing in order to break away from this that collaboration is essential as means of redefining global position, replacing the old with a higher quality challenge brand.

Focused on global marketing projects sponsored by the Korean government in Seoul, Cindy Hahn discusses K-Fashion and its exciting emergence into the Western market.

With this intriguing style revealing itself to the world for the first time over a decade ago. The revolutionary style was adopted instantly across China, Taiwan and Japan, arriving with a culture of soap operas, K-pop and films.

As K-Fashion gravitates and embeds itself deeper into the street styles of Europe and the US, global style director Patricia Field believes there is very little difference between an American and Korean girl’s style. Claiming the minute factor is a Korean girl is likely to be more focused on her entire style from head to toe.

As Hahn’s continues to push this style working closely with international brands, she highlights the exciting future ahead for K-Fashion.  Reinforcing its continuous growth of popularity, she  references former Vogue Editor Suzy Mendes;

“Seoul’s luxury look has famously gone viral as ‘Gangman Style’.”

Verifying its acceptance in both Europe and the US, K-Fashion projects have been consistently featured on runways and continue to captive audiences world wide.

With avid progression over recent years, the panel believe introducing  proven models with guaranteed success rates achieved in the United Kingdom can assist in aiding public promotion and attraction within the Asian market.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the fashion industry, encompassing fashion start-ups, retail management, marketing, trend analysis and business development, all relevant to nurture emerging design businesses. Judith Tolley uses her expertise to aid talent search, creative coaching, marketing, brand building, and entrepreneurship. 

BOWD | The Fashion Eco-System Forum

With creative talent in abundance worldwide and the fashion tech business evolving, the intention is to migrate this program to Asia after gaining positive recognition as the UK’s only fashion incubator.  With substantial progression made between 2011-2015 including business support, new products, delivered innovation projects, new jobs and job safeguardment. Tolley believes the success achieved in Great Britain can be shared with the Asian market following the four practiced program elements: talent, trust, patience and passion.

With a proven business model and a wealth of industry knowledge.  Independent Fashion Industry Adviser David M.Watts  has provided career direction to some of Britain’s most successful designers. With great passion for the industry and experience both extensive and renowned, Watts claims the vital aspect of his business model is ensuring the product is engaging and viable. Declaring persistence is key to accomplishing the sales objective, the adoption of his model could assist in transforming the Asian market into a fashion hub.

Claiming the key to industry success anywhere in the world is having and sharing great knowledge;

“Designers not only need to know marketing, they need to know what they have to market.” — David M. Watts