The Pearl, a timeless classic that emphasises sheer elegance time and time again. Whether it’s the simple strand, choker or the classic earring it never fails to appear utterly flawless.

To the Roman’s this delicate stone once symbolised great power, purity and wealth, to the extent a Roman lady would not even remove her pearls to sleep. Famous icons adorned them graciously over the past century from Coco Chanel to Grace Kelly. With various generations adopting this signature piece,  the classic treasure stands to be one of the most inherited accessories of all time.

However, by the 1990s the staple piece began to take a back-seat among the world of design. Laying dormant for some time, the timeless classic has since been reborn with conceptual characteristics of modern design. (Forbes, 2015)

Chanel | 2014 Collection

With the oversized pearl gracing the runways of Chanel in 2014, the pearl has since been re-introduced to the world of art and design with numerous designers adding their own unique spin. Stretching, sculpturing and combining them with a whirlwind of colourful shapes, the pearl has been intricately adjusted for a contemporary comeback.

Mei-Ling De Buitléar | Photography By Edmaxphotos

Commenting on the resurgence of the classic pearl, talented designer Mei-Ling De Buitléar speaks exclusively to Hausie;

“Recently we have seen the pearl make a hugely fashion forward and a contemporary come back.”

Mei-Ling De Buitléar  | Square Hoops

Adopting this precious stone with a conceptual twist, the inspiring the intricate line consists of geometric shaped accessories embracing the luxe freshwater pearl and fusing the precious stone with gold and silver plating.

Mei-Ling De Buitléar | Square Ring

With the exquisite narrative of designs enriched by a contemporary essence,  the collection embraces luxe minimalism whilst evoking the classic and timeless essence naturally evoked by pearls.

Mei-Ling De Buitléar | Square Pendant

With cultural creativity running through the De Buitléar family genes,  the talented designer spent her youth between the UK and Ireland basing her artistic outlook on life on the Jean-Jaques Rousseau’s philosophy;

“The world of reality has its limits, the world of imagination is boundless.”

Mei-Ling De Buitléar | Half-Squared Earrings

Drawing inspiration from various tribes spread across Africa and their diverse techniques of material adoption, the Mei-Ling De Buitléar collection features an array of precious designs, carefully hand crafted from organic materials.

Mei-Ling De Buitléar | Square Bangle

Inventing a new material made with charcoal from coconuts then fusing it with traditional brass rings, Mei-Ling works diligently with an inspiring hands-on attitude. Experimenting with physical objects rather than drawing her ideas on paper, the creative artist then vigilantly constructs each individual piece from her studio. (Mei-Ling De Buitlear, 2015).

With each individual piece crafted with great consideration and detail, the collection refrains from ostentation and appears ultimately timeless. Adopting the classic staple with sterling silver or 18 carat gold plating De Buitléar describes each piece as an “investment”. Commenting on the wearers of intricate treasures, she claims;

“I want to the wearer of my jewellery to feel like they have invested in a unique and timeless piece of jewellery that can be passed from generation to generation.” Mei-Ling De Buitléar


With special thanks to Mei-Ling De Buitléar, for her time and cooperation.