Starting from February, it is the high time for international fashion events to unfold, as if to celebrate the Spring season. One of the largest menswear and womenswear trade show platforms, Capsule, launched right after the closure of the New York Fashion Week. Featuring an international array of the industry’s emerging brands, HAUSIE SHOWROOM had the pleasure of bringing six of our innovative designers to participate in this prestigious event.



Photography courtesy of Capsule

The pieces from Enji Studio Jewelry by designer Niki Grandics is a public statement on an intimate scale. As a modern entrepreneur, Niki is taking business ethics into account while selling her products to the fine jewelry market. For example, a portion of their profit will be donated to charities helping women and families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Also, during the production process, Niki applies the metal-smithing techniques to avoid imposing damages to the environment. Through mixing and matching a variety of high quality recycled materials, each sustainable handmade creation carries and exudes the wearer’s personal stories and temperaments.

Photography courtesy of ENJI Studios

Introducing, André Ribeiro. The brand was copyrighted in 1997 as a particular cultural importance, for its valuable pieces made by rubber and diamonds. Such exciting combination forms a juxtaposition of what is intrinsically worthless and the worthlessness of the valuable. Belying all conventional expectations, the brand’s minimalistic products act as a medium to express one’s individuality, lasting for eternity.Bracelets (1)

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Photography by HausMag

Bianca Chong, a fashion artefacts and accessories designer based between Hong Kong and London, received the 2015 YKK Fastening Award in the International Talent Support competition held in Italy. Possessing a bachelor degree of Womenswear Fashion Design from the Hong Kong Design Institute; and a master degree of Fashion Artefact from the London College of Fashion, her rich academic background in the realm of design has granted her a fearless heart, to explore the possibilities of objects that lie beyond the boundary of fashion jewelries.

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Photography courtesy of Bianca Chong

Photography by HausMag

Besides jewelries, three other handbag labels had also displayed their works in our Hausie Showroom at Capsule.

Joanique is a Philippine-based fashion jewelry brand with its exclusive handbag collections. In order to showcase modern and distinct creations which define Filipino artistry, the founder and designer of the brand, Malou Romero, fuses natural and visionary elements in her works. Every piece she crafts manifests her untamed passion for design.

Hagkan Gold (1)

Photography courtesy of Joanique

Growing up in the two metropolitan cities – New York and Tokyo, Brandon Blackwood was a stylist and retail buyer prior to the establishment of his brand. He spent two years time on travelling and sourcing to draw inspirations for his luxury goods designs, combined with exceptional functionality and quality. To abide by the labour practices, the materials used are sourced responsibly; and the products were made by fair trade craftsmen across Asia, Europe, and the US.



Photography courtesy of Brandon Blackwood

A timeless product can only be formed when practicality and aesthetics stand together. Especially in the era where hectic lifestyle is taking place, customers will always prefer convenient designs than something ostentatious. Francesca Rainoldi is also one of the brands who has infused this idea into its creations. A series of multi-function leather bags cope with different wearer’s needs.

Photography courtesy of Francesca Rainoldi


Photography courtesy of Capsule

With special thanks to our participating designers!

Look forward to Hausie Showroom’s next trade show event: IFF MAGIC Japan, 26 – 28 April 2017!