Earrings have enjoyed a long history of being used as adornment, cultural identification and as a sign of wealth and prosperity for thousands of years, dating back to 2500 B.C.

With signature styles climbing and even enveloping the outside of the ear-lobe, 2015 has been a revolutionary year for the earring.  With various quirky styles emerging in all shapes and sizes, the one faithful style that continues to grace us with its presence is the hoop. Adopted in a high-fashion context, this adornment style has evolved with an elaborate touch of femininity and intricacy.

With a great number of fashionistas loyal to the classic style, a fresh wave of designs have emerged revealing the great versatility of the circular piece. Proving the look can vary significantly from one collection to the next,  owner of  Los Angeles and New-York based jewellery boutique Broken English claims;

“I think hoops are coming back in a big way,” said Laura Freedman (The Wall Street Journal, 2015)

From oversized swirls to dainty loops, a fine array of simple and statement-making couture hoop earrings have emerged over 2015.


André Ribeiro | Hoop Collection


Creating a visionary collection with the hardest of all gemstones and the stone with the best light reflection properties, talented designer André Ribeiro has tactfully combined two contrary materials: diamonds and rubber to create the quirky hoop earrings. Iinspired by the masterful  arist Marcel Duchamp, his tasteful designs are based on the infamous objets trouvés collection.


Marni 2015

At Marni, oversized gold hoops were taken to a new level with geometric shapes in primary colours. With the collection made up of three distinctive talking points, Consuelo Castiglioni  claimed the collection was based on;

“Movement, fluidity, architecture” (BOF, 2015)


Delfina Delettrez

Reconfiguring the concept of the traditional hoop by experimenting with the scale reserved for her traditional baubles earrings. Talented designer Delfina Delettrez a descendent of the Fendi family, sought inspiration from the sun whilst attempting to view a solar eclipse. Describing her  struggle to create an instrument to view the eclipse and how it led to the emergence of her ‘Earclipse’  collection, the designer claims; 

‘I couldn’t watch it directly so I made a paper instrument to observe the eclipse by its shadow. I transformed it into a lunar eclipse, by playing with the shadows of the moon, and with the concept of mirror.’ (Wallpaper, 2015)


Kathrin Sättele |  18kt Gold and Pearl

The delicate yet simultaneously exciting hoops created by Kathrin Sättele are characterised by a remarkable lightness combined with sculpted three-dimensionality. The 18kt Gold piece features the classic pearl, embracing an essence of subtlety yet remaining ultimately chic.


Domenico Cioffi |  Sweet Chérif

Italian fashion designer Domenico Cioffi, adopts a demure  pink and blue colour palette in her collection  ‘Sweet Chérif.’ The oversized feathered loops, are based on the Wes Anderson movie ‘Moonrise kingdom,” embracing the  geometry of artist Sol Lewitt and the collages of Jeff Koons.

Paolin Hoops

Paolin | 3D Circular Earrings


With an array of whimsical collections reflecting the dreams and joyful playfulness reminiscent of her family memories. The 3D Circular Earrings are available in four vibrant shades, this quirky style is sure to brighten up any ensemble whilst adding an element of eccentric style.


Vionnet | Art Deco Hoops

Paying homage to the art deco period, the art deco style hoops by fashion house Vionnet are bold with a conceptual feel. Inspired by the personal reference Goga Ashkenazi and her five-person design team sought inspiration from the disintegration of post-glasnost Kazakhstan and Russia for the summer collection.  (Vogue, 2015)




Pierre Hardy |Hermès

Drawing on the brand’s equine roots, Hermès designer Pierre Hardy adopted a graphic approach showcasing the brand’s rich equestrian world that is often represented in its famous scarves. Embracing the french fashion Maison’s  heritage, Hardy refigured the traditional riding bridle into a reworked loop for the ear. Commenting on  the characteristics of the powerful woman who adorns the statement hoop, Hardy claims;

“When I was designing this collection, I was not thinking of the women who will potentially wear these jewels. As each woman is unique, she will consequently wear it differently from another. She will create her own character, and the expression she desires.” — Pierre Hardy (Asia Tatler, 2015)


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