With a range of captivating designs that emphasise elements of quality and precision, Claire Akiyama is the designer championing an enchanting collection for the modern women who desires to know more about her jewellery.

The name AKIMI is derived from the Japanese characters 秋(‘AKI’ – autumn) and 実(‘MI’ – fruit) due to the endless cycle of changing leaves during Japan’s four seasons. The explosive tones of the fruits and flowers are represented by the collections ornamental stones, whilst the logo itself is an interpretation of the changing leaves.

Akimi | Signature Earrings with Turquoise

Growing up with a stark appreciation of nature, the Japanese designer was heavily influenced by her mother’s encouragement to interpret life in her own artistic way. Inspired by the intricacies of nature such as the veins of leaves, a drop of dew or the movement of swaying plants, the talented designer constantly absorbs her surroundings, claiming creative inspiration can arrive at any time.

Akimi | Singature Bracelet with 5

With a strong adoration of 1950s film, Akiyama was captivated by the elegance and glamour of Hollywoods Golden age. Driving her motivation to construct a collection perfectly suited for the elegant backdrop of her favourite era.

Akimi | Classic Hoops Small

Aiming to balance creativity and commerce, Claire begins her creative process by visualising the wearer of her designs. Honouring each piece with an affordable price point, the Japanese designer believes her brand must be practical, comfortable to wear, easy to match and “add to an outfit – not take away from it.”

Akimi | Classic Necklace 

Aiming to present feminine and elegant objects that can compliment a daily ensemble yet appear utterly alluring paired with an exquisite evening dress, the talented designer noted a niche for women reluctant to purchase quality jewellery for themselves. Condensing her creative background in luxury and design, the Akimi ambition became to enhance the female comprehension of products, quality and price.

Akimi | Signature Ring With Carnelian

Presenting an elegant array of versatile pieces, the ornate collection is designed to mix and match with alternative areas of the collection. While some items are minimal and delicate to ensure optimum chic for daily wear, the range hosts a number of bold statement pieces guaranteed to complete a powerful classic look. With enhanced focus on the balance of appearance, the Japanese designer aims to create “true elegance” believing this lies in the versatility of design.

Akimi | Signature Stone Bracelet with 1

With an uplifting artistic outlook derived from the orderly structure embedded within Japanese heritage, Claire Akiyama believes art can be part of everything around you and everything you do;

“In Japan, we see artistic expression even in daily routines such as food presentation in a lunch box and how we cut and position flowers at home or in the office. That mentality has become very ingrained in me as well – everything can be art if you look at it in that way.” — Claire Akiyama


With special thanks to Claire Akiyama for her insightful words and inspiration.