Architecture and Jewellery design constantly intertwine. Both utilise the art of spatial design, and consider how the human body interacts in these spaces. This concept holds true for Italian born designers; Constanza de Cecco and Guilia Giannini, where architecture plays an important role in their brand, Co. Ro Jewels.

Co. Ro Jewels | Trave Cuff

The pair met in high school, where their budding love for architecture grew whilst wandering through the small streets of Rome. Getting lost in the courts of the historical buildings gave them time to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship within those ancient structures. Pursuing Architecture in their studies; Constanza and Guilia were influenced by Italian architects of the twentieth century. Luigi Moretti, Adalberto Libera, and Guiseppe Terragni are considerably their “inspirational fathers’”.

Adalberto Libera | Casa Malaparte | Photography by Etna Studios

We can certainly see the aesthetic influence of Luigi Moretti’s Watergate Complex in Co. Ro Jewel’s Prospettiva Ring. The sweeping circular lines and elegant yet powerful aura of the Watergate Complex is translated into the ring as a piece of wearable architecture.

Watergate Complex by Luigi Moretti | Prospettiva Ring by Co. Ro Jewels

Co. Ro Jewels’ name holds significant narrative. As an acronym for Constanza and Guilia’s high school (Piazza del Collegio Romano), it reminds them of their roots;

“We began designing jewels as teenagers, driven by passion and always felt like we had to keep on doing so as grown-ups. Deeply inspired and changed by our architecture studies, we still wanted to do nothing else but create jewels after graduating.”

Co. Ro Jewels | Prospettiva Ring

The brand’s name is also an interpretation of the Italian word for choir (Coro), homage to their culture and reflecting the brand’s design philosophy, where “expertise, knowledge, and techniques” work in unison like a chorus. Both designers “see themselves more in the music director’s role, supervising a chorus of different artisans following our common design project, rather than goldsmiths”. This approach gives Co. Ro Jewels an artisan perspective that allows them to stay “authentic”.gas cuff

Co. Ro Jewels | Gasometer Cuff

Now that mass production and outsourcing is the norm, it is more important than ever before to support heritage products and the handcrafted. Co. Ro Jewels further supports their Italian heritage by using Italian artisanal know-how to craft their jewels. Commenting on their modern architectural creative processes, Co. Ro Jewels said;

“It’s really important to us to explore and help keeping the Italian handmade jewellery tradition alive, we’re proud of this made in Italy-legacy.”

Co. Ro Jewels | Gasometer Cuff

Perhaps another contributor to the brand’s artisan sense is their working process. Trained as architects, Constanza and Guilia design development methods may differ to traditional jewellery design. Rather than looking towards trends, the duo “starts with creative impulse”. The initial idea is then developed into a sketch that represents both designer’s taste and style. Collaboration is the key here, and often is with successful art and design. Constanza and Guilia said their inspiration sources are different each time, but also noted their city’s architecture or books. It seems ultimately, it comes back to their love for architecture.


Positano, Italy| Mediterraneo Ring by Co. Ro Jewels

The duality of the brand’s name is also evoked in their use of materials. Taking traditional materials such as pearls, Co. Ro Jewels uses them in minimal and geometric ways that modernize the classic. Although they work mainly with bronze, silver, or gold, they do enjoy the aesthetic contrast of stones and pearls.

Co. Ro Jewels | Mediterraneo Ring

Balancing creativity with commerce is an art in itself and one of the greatest struggles designers face. To Co. Ro jewels, the balance lies in focussing on creating original jewels for their customers to enjoy. The unique design and careful crafting attracts lovers of creativity and high quality products. Customers of Co Ro Jewels know that “there’s tale behind every creation”, and thus by wearing their jewellery, become connected to the soul of the designer:

“Our jewels are part of our life and we’re part of them, and we hope it feels so while wearing them.” Constanza de Cecco and Guilia Giannini

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With special thanks to Constanza de Cecco and Guilia Giannini, for their insightful words and artistic inspirations.

Written by Sonia Wan

Edited by Christina Wright


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