Truly revolutionising the creative industry is the collaborative approach to a brand’s designs, ideas, and works. From fashion brands working with engineers to design eccentric fabric constructions, to the collaboration of graphic designers and music producers.

Most recently Not Just a Label has teamed up with London College of Fashion‘s BA (Hons) Fashion Design Development students to create a fantastic new group of collections. Their consumer demographic – Korean women in their early to mid twenties who love bold coloured, avant-grade styles with valiant prints and unconventional materials.

Not Just a Label | LCF student collaboration

This initiative between the designers and the brand allowed both parties to flourish. The students enriched their knowledge of the industry, gaining valuable experience working with a brand by receiving quality feedback and advice. Additionally, the brand obtains fresh design ideas from the upcoming talent that will be soon introduced to the industry.

Not Just a Label | LCF student collaboration

“The students worked in groups of 12 to create brands, a collection and marketing materials. NJAL was excited to work with LCF in such a hands-on way, to offer feedback in all aspects throughout the design and branding processes.” said Anna Telcs, the Not Just a Label partner involved

Two of the students were Claudia Pan and Witold Dmytrów. Claudia constructed a white organza transparent top with colourful sequins embroidery. The complimentary sequins cover the bust area of the bodice and extend to the centre back, where they meet an open ended zipper.

Not Just a Label | LCF student Claudia Pan

Witold created a vermilion red neoprene jacket with beautiful embroidered sleeves and decorated on the oversized construction. Playing with the conformities of the silhouette, Witold produced a wonderfully abstract piece that met the entirety of the criteria with flying colours.

Not Just a Label | LCF student  Witold Dmytrów.

“The feedback we got from NJAL was very useful and helped us push the collection in the right direction. My favorite thing about this project was working in a group. I think it was a very valuable experience because that’s what the industry is like.”

Witold Dmytrów, 2016.


Written by Amber Weaver

Edited by Sonia Wan


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