Born and raised in North West London, Anisha Parmar is the London College of Fashion graduate offering a cross-cultural design that sizzles with the piquant flavour of the exotic.

Raised in the multi-cultural metropolis of London and born to East African parents, Parmar has successfully compiled a collection of contemporary and elegant pieces with an enchanting twist.

Anisha ParmarEmpire Collection | Photography by Nadia Ryder

Anisha ParmarEmpire Collection | AW 16/17

Drawing inspiration from her rich cultural heritage, the Anisha Parmar brand ethos represents aspects of British culture fused with the other diversities that the designer has observed throughout her life.

Working from her London studio, the talented designer absorbs inspiration from around the globe and uses her brand to respond to the recent social and economic tensions by promoting and celebrating cultural diversity. 

Anisha ParmarIndigo Collection | Photography by Nadia Ryder
Anisha ParmarIndigo Collection | AW 16/17

“Fashion for me is expressing who you really are, I think what you wear is showing the world how you’re feeling,” said Anisha Parmar

Anisha ParmarEmpire Collection | AW 16/17

This endowed designer has now built up two beautifully crafted collections ‘bearing the varied cultures that make up London’s urban landscape’ as said on Anisha Parmar London’s site. The Empire Collection is inspired by majestic, tribal and colonial jewellery designs from the British Raj in India, united with the urban and contemporary quirks of London.  Encrusted with the mother of pearls on varied pieces of wood and acrylic, the pieces present the perfect mixture of distinctive culture, through form, shape and style.

Anisha ParmarEmpire Collection | AW 16/17

Anisha ParmarEmpire Collection | AW 16/17

Parmar’s most recent Autumn/Winter 16/17 collection is entitled The Indigo Collection. Presented as a consolidation of traditional Mayan tribal forms, the main inspiration for the pieces originated from the Las Pozas surrealist sculptures by Edward James.

Anisha ParmarIndigo Collection | AW 16/17

Anisha ParmarIndigo Collection | AW 16/17

The materials used to construct these stunning objects were wood, specially produced gold, copper encased acrylic and a deep indigo blue marble acrylic that form the character of the collection. No piece is the same due to the random placement of gold or copper foil in addition to the varied marble pattern on the acrylic.

Written by Amber Weaver

Edited by Christina Wright

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Model: Millie Grace Horton
Photographer: Nadia Ryder
Make Up & Hair: Jesse Walker
Assisted by Sophia Weston