The process of jewellery design can be a journey of visual storytelling. From idea conception to final samples, the designer must find ways to evoke their philosophy through a tangible object.

Neeharika Necklace| Arcana Stud Earrings Tiny

For jewellery designer Cindy Liebel, how she approaches the visual story telling of her jewels is similar to her photography. She was gifted her first camera in grade school, a Kodak 110 by her father, and has not stopped photographing since. Inspired by the image of the human body and its placement in the surroundings of photography, Liebel considers this in jewellery design too. Although pieces of art in their own right, Liebel showcases different skin tones and body types when photographing her designs. It is subtle decisions such as this that changes an entire brand’s inclusiveness.

Arcana Studd Earrings | Cindy Liebel

“Photography is simply divine and a perfect way in telling a visual story through design. Each piece has its own curves and shapes, which adds to the challenge of capturing the piece at the right angle and light.” Cindy Liebel

With the spatial awareness of photography and the body, it makes sense for Cindy Liebel jewels to focus on minimalist design. Liebel’s understanding of composition and form is translated into simple yet effective stunning sweeping shapes. There is no combination more timeless than minimal geometric shapes in silver.

Bold Dotted Stacking Ring | Scalloped Dewdrop Ring | Double Dotted Cuff Ring

“Minimalist design with a touch of edgy, bohemian simplicity and uncomplicated design.” Cindy Liebel

Another element to Cindy Liebel’s design philosophy is to ensure sustainability through her use of silver: “I am enamoured by the precious metal’s flexibility and how forgiving sterling can be, hence the importance of recycling the raw materials at hand” (Liebel, 2016).

Maytal Post Earrings | Cindy Liebel

Nature and the artisan craft is of importance to the designer. This links to the brand’s latest collection: Dotted and Dewdrop. Nature’s floral structures, dewdrops, and the feeling of fresh morning air influenced this collection. “Energizing and revitalizing to the body, [nature’s] refreshing calmness soothes and awakens the body, giving one peace of mind” (Liebel, 2016). Sleek, geometric shapes with subtly contrasting textures portray this feeling in Liebel’s vision.

Beaded Crown Ring | Cindy Liebel

It’s intriguing how art and design begins young and stays with a person throughout all aspects of their life. Cindy Liebel has a myriad of skills, from sewing, to pottery, and portraiture. However the most important skill which lends to the brand’s success is the skill of listening. The designer specifically notes her attention to customer feedback which “is important to me [her]. I [she] want to make sure each jewel I [she] create for them meets their expectations.”

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From Hausie’s exchange with the designer, we are inspired by her vitality and holistic approach to design. When asked on her artistic outlook on life, Liebel said;

“Focus and stay positive, living a free life in creativity will broaden your soul.”


With special thanks to Cindy Liebel for her artistic insight and personal comments.


Written by Sonia Wan

Edited by Christina Wright