Since simplicity and minimalism are regarded as the rudimentary components for an effortlessly sleek look, minimalism has become a highly sought-after trend in the field of fashion and design nowadays. However, for people who are fond of antiques with classical details, such pared-down elegance would not be their priority.

Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci are one of those retrophiliacs. Advancing in the area of art, fashion and design with their individual experience and mature profession, they founded DIMORESTUDIO in 2003 to create interiors juxtaposing elements of different periods.


Milano Mozart | © DIMORESTUDIO

Milano Mozart | © DIMORESTUDIO

“The word ‘dimore’ in Italian means dwelling, but conjures up images of old villas clinging to their aristocratic origins.” (Moran, 2017) Being based in Milan, a metropolitan city where historical and cultural vestige sojourn, every subject surrounding them can be a source to stimulate their innovations for design.


Ceresio7 Milan | © DIMORESTUDIO


Ceresio7 Milan | © DIMORESTUDIO

Their projects are mainly divided into three categories – residential, hospitality, and exhibition. For instance, they have worked on designing for Palazzo Fendi VIP Apartment in Rome, Hotel Saint Marc Paris, retail store of skincare label Aesop in Milan, and the installation of Hermès Dedar in 2014. Having observed that a store with its own unique decor could be more effective in enhancing the distinctiveness of a brand, Moran and Salci seek to break the norm of standardising design in retail branches.


Palazzo Fendi VIP Apartment Roma | © DIMORESTUDIO


Hotel Saint Marc Paris | © DIMORESTUDIO


Aesop Corso Magenta Milan | © DIMORESTUDIO

Hermès Dedar 2014 | © DIMORESTUDIO

A space embellished with selected refined furnishings is the hallmark of their works. Moran and Salci are dedicated to provide a fun experience to clients through their anomalous approach to design. Mixing up a wide range of fabrics, materials and colours, the places they design exude a sense of comfort, and serve as an attraction that keeps on entertaining people. This is how they think a timeless interior should be.

We experiment a lot with colour and the relationship between the various colours we use.

Hotel Saint Marc Paris | Design Miami/Basel | © DIMORESTUDIO

Apart from aesthetics, functionality is what they also highly emphasise on. They put themselves in their clients’ shoes, and consider how they would respond to the environment created. Thus, their marvellous concepts will never be portrayed in gimcrack ornaments, but they were shown in sumptuous designs which remain practical, to make sure every corner of the space can be greatly utilised.


Elle Decor Rooms 2015 | © DIMORESTUDIO

In 2005, the duo developed their own line of studio-designed furniture. The objects in elusive colours are pulled together to forge a symphony, striking up a tune of vintage glamour which alludes to the patina of time; and therefore the dialogue between the present and the past is interpreted to the hilt.





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