While jewellery is used primarily to adorn the body. A range of innovative designs  have emerged over recent years to assist the body whilst retaining an aesthetic appeal, in particular enhancing ones’ hearing on the go.

Gina Hsu | Hear-Ring

Coated in an alluring shade of pink, the “Hear ring” by Gina Hsu for “Chi ha paura…?”the is the perfect accessory to aid the hearing sense with an added hint of eccentricity.

Gina Hsu | Hear-Ring

With the Italian for Chi ha paura…?” translating into “Who is afraid of…?”, this conceptual accessory pushes the boundaries of modern design.

Katerina Reichova

Inspired by sci-fi and cyberpunk, Czech designer Katerina Reichova focuses on original author jewellery and objects inspired by futuristic style. Working mainly with stainless steel and acrylic glass, Reichova reinforces the idea of a mechanical listening  through this cosmic ear-cuff in the future. (Behance, 2015)

Kawamura-Ganjavian | Ear-Shell

Produced as the third object within the senses series, the quirky “ear-shell” design can be applied over the ears to improve hearing.


Kawamura-Ganjavian | Ear-Shell

With designer Kawamura-Ganjavian making reference to adorning this signature piece at the opera, the sci-fi type design is both efficient and elegant.

Kawamura-Ganjavian | Ear-Shell

Commenting on its purpose, the talented designer claims;

“We use earrings as symbols of distinction since time immemorial, however they are not particularly useful items. The Earshell is a simple, efficient and elegant sound enhancing device. It can be used to improve our listening of music or opera. Its refined and sleek profile gives it a jewellery feel.” — Kawamura-Ganjavian (Desgin-Milk, 2015)


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