The “Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial” exhibition in New York City offers an exclusive insight by industry artists presenting what they find beautiful.

While it’s apparent we are all attracted to different people, we are likewise drawn to unique elements of artworks and design.

Noa Zilberman

Constructing intricate jewellery pieces that emphasise beauty and celebrate facial wrinkles, artist Noa Zilberman decided to take a stand against the world’s preoccupation with ageing skin.(Fast Code, Design)

Ana Rajcevic

Playing on the consistent theme of transforming the human figure through complex adornments or body-sculptures, award-winning fashion artist Ana Rajcevic, believes ‘fashion artefacts’ are objects that exist their truest form.

Hechizoo “Goliath” by Jorge Lizarzo

Innovative textile atelier Jorge Lizarzo based in Bogotá, Colombia has built his name by showcasing the unexpected beauty of diverse materials. Fusing metal strands with natural and synthetic fibers to fashion custom rugs, fabrics and architectural screens. (Architectural Digest, 2013)

Headpieces by Maiko Takeda

The exquisite headpiece constructed by Japanese fashion designer Maiko Takeda promotes eccentric beauty.

Guido Palau “Hair Constructions”

Blurring the lines between hairstyling and wearable sculptures, British hairdresser Guido Palau was greatly inspired by the works of his late acquaintance Alexander McQueen. Discussing the rationale behind his artworks, Palau remains determinedly humble about his work claiming;

“There is a disposability about what I do—it’s not like an artist,” he says, shaking his head and grinning. “My work is always one water spray away from being trashed.” (Wall Street Journal, 2014)


Daniel Rybakken’s Compendium lights mimic daylight in a window.

Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken, created his Compendium lights to mimic daylight entering through a window. The creative artist sought inspiration from the long, dark Norwegian winters paying homage to the sunlights arrival at dawn.

Neri Oxman “Otaared”

Promoting the beauty of another world, Neri Oxman‘s inspiration aspires from the intersection of multi-material 3D printing and Synthetic Biology. 

formafantasma | “Iddu Mirror”

Formafantasma explores the bridge between craft, industry, object and user, with an avid interest in forging links between their research-based practice and a wider design industry.

Gareth Pugh |  “Ensemble”

British designer Gareth Pugh produced his dresses by plastic drinking straws, his oversized piece hosts traits of onanism however the beauty lies embedded within the art of construction.

Pat McGraph |Ben Hasset | Givenchy

Showcasing one of the biggest styles of all time, make-up artist Pat McGraph stunned the Givenchy runways of 2015 with their exotic spin of star-studded facial bijoux. With the construction process taking a painstaking seven hours to complete, the captivating vision of beauty was remarkably captured by photographer Ben Hasset. (Vogue, 2015)

Tuomas Markunpoika

Honoring the fading memory of his grandmother, artist Tuomas Markunpoika began welding small rings of steel around a hulking wardrobe then burning the wood. Left with a lacy shell of blackened metal amongst the residue, Markunpoika comments on the sentimental beauty of his piece;

“A physical memory of the furniture—kind of a smoky, shady, semitransparent memory of it.” — Tuomas Markunpoika


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