The wire, an intricate string of sculptural metal initially adopted as an ancient folk art form. First practiced by the Egyptians around 3,000 BC, this flexible fibre has evolved becoming one of the top instrumental tools within the world of fine art.

Wire Mesh Sculpture By Incipit

Constructed by hand, the translucent wire-mesh sculpture created for the Italian festival Meeting del Mar is the latest in a series of Edoardo Tresoldi’s conceptual artwork,

Wire Mesh Sculpture By Incipit

Proving wirework is adaptable to the world of architecture as well as fashion, the site-specific installation curated by artist Edoardo Tresoldi with Simone Pallotta and Antonio Oriente emphasises great strength and versatility. (ignant, 2016)

David Oliveira | Art-Work Collection

Creating abstract sculptures that appear like floating sketches, Portuguese artist David Oliveira is a connoisseur of wirework. With  collections ranging from cartoon heroes to animals, the talented artist encompasses each piece with a whimsical allure. (Ignant, 2015)

Rodarte |  Fall 2013

Bringing an array of complex wirework to the couture runways, luxury American label Rodarte delivered an undercurrent of darkness combined with a sense of playful femininity. The models adorned handmade copper, gold, and silver-plated metal pieces that resembled that of a twisted barbed-wire headband.

Rodarte |  Fall 2013

Embracing characteristics of royalty with added hints of bohemia, hairstylist Odile Gilbert commented on the unusual fusion;

“She’s a kind of a princess, but with an edge,” said hairstylist Odile Gilbert (Vogue, 2013)

Misora Nakamori | 2015 Graduate Collections

Focusing on the dark side of an intimate relationship, Misora Nakamori’s graduate collection reflects hints of malevolence fuelled by emotion. Intricately shaping wire into curves following the complex shapes of the body, the aluminium structures appear sturdy accentuating elements of strength and aptitude. The natural draping adds an organic twist, delivering an outlandish yet elegant substance to the ensemble. Describing the character of her inspired collection, Misora claims;

“My collection tells the story of a mistress who is obsessively controlled by her lover; who lives with inner frustrations and is not allowed to tell what she really wants.” (1Granary, 2015)

Niiro | Necklace & Broach  NERO by NIIRO Collection


Adopting an array of supple silver, copper and other types of wire, Croatian designer Niiro works closely with the sculptural material, applying a unique method of construction to distinctively transform each piece into a mesmerising piece of wearable art.

Championing this art of construction as the perfect supplement for the postmodern era, Raljević Ceglar carefully constructs each high quality piece with close attention and consideration.

 Anndra Neen | Cage Bib Necklace  | Russh Magazine

Launching their intricate line of architectural-organic cuffs, chokers, and clutches, Anndra Neen was launched  in 2009 by sisters Annette and Phoebe Stephens. Making prominent statements through their eccentric proportions and structures, the creative duo adopt wire as their signature material. The Mexico-City born sisters pioneer this deconstruction style delivering abstruse objects from shoulder bags to an intricate bib. (The Cut, 2014)

Anndra Neen | Metal Cage Clutch

The eclectic collection, adorned by fashionistas such as Olivia Palermo and First Lady Michelle Obama encompasses a sense of punkiness masked through its exterior elegance.

Believing the enthusiasm for intricacy is a special design element for the modern day woman, Niiro designer Raljević Ceglar comments on the sculptable complexity of the wire;

“Designed for the Woman who does not forget her femininity, who also shows fragility, yet permits a touch of nostalgia… but knows very well what she wants.” — Raljević Ceglar


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