As the buzzing metropolises of our World Cities continue to expand and become increasingly dense, waves of creative diaspora are gradually flocking to the subdued suburbs of the Tier1 cities, known as the “Edgelands.”

Inspired by the carefree retro lifestyle of the Eastern block countries, the Edgelands trend celebrates the ability to craft creative aesthetics from limited resources. Promoting elements of industrial chic and carefree tailoring, the subdued macro trend endorses the street style of Belgrade, Krakow, and Bratislava.

As the runways of 2016 begin to debut the traits of urban chic, the Edgelands has emerged as one of the top predicted trends of 2017.

The Edgelands | Ellie Lines | Versace | Photography Claire Brand

Giving active classics a new lease life, a wave of designers have created an array of streetwise looks with an adorable twist. British designer Ellie Lines presented a range of stylish tracksuits in tones of rose pink alongside floor-sweeping skirts for the wardrobe of 2017. Whilst Italian Fashion House Versace delivered a relaxed style with touches of feminine underpinning.

COS | MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela | 2016

Fusing pastoral vintage florals with the industrial skyline, the intriguing juxtaposition delivers an essence of urban grit with a subtle hint of romantic folk. 

Embracing the essence of nostalgic ‘hand-me-down’ garments, authentic methods of repair such as patchwork can be seen across the runways of MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela, unifying delicate floral print onto classic denim.

Elana Herzog | MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela | 2016

Breathing fresh air into casual attire for a charming yet resilient look, a wave of designers are drawing print inspiration from the artistic works of Elana Herzog. Using stationary resources such as metal staples, Herzogd attached textiles onto walls, later removing them to find a residue of shredded fabric and a perforated surface. (Patternbase, 2016)

Edgelands | Levi Collection | Photography by WGSN

The “Tough Love” sector of the trend represents faithful wardrobe classics such as loose-fitting Levi’s 501s. Set for an impromptu return partnered with the tucked in ad-hoc style shirt, styles will appear washed out and aged. Whilst the infamous industrial urban architecture lends its sharp edges and simple lines to boxy denim silhouettes.

Edgelands | Coach 2016 Collection

With designs reminiscent of the steel-framed constructions of Modernist high-rises, the simplified geometric architecture of pockets has become the core design feature among utility garments. With additional focus on functional style, the 80s utility jacket renowned for durability has been reinvented with a contemporary twist, re-worked in subtle colours and flexible modern fabrics.

Edgelands | Urban Folk | Photography by WGSN

As the key drivers behind the predicted macro trend begin to translate into commercial direction, the Edgeland trend encompasses an intriguing allure. Exploring the solid contrasts inspired by the high rise former Soviet apartments to greenhouse florals, the broad spectrum of sombre and moody designs continue to captivate and inspire artisans world wide.


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