In a time when the most conflicting trends live happily side by side, the allure of minimal chic is challenging its larger counterparts within the world of art and design.

Sinziana Velicescu | ‘On the Periphery’,

Adopting an approach of simplicity and bringing it to the world of photography,  Sinziana Velicescu captures an intimate collection of minimal images in her hometown of Los Angeles. The Californian metropolis typically renowned  for its buzz and dazzle, is captured by Velicescu in a foreign light. In lieu of the cities hecticness, Sinziana manages to capture a rare calm atmosphere of soft tones and colours. (Ignant, 2016).

Preforma Design

Delivering the art of minimalism into the living room, Preforma Design have constructed a collection of designer furniture that serve the three basic household functions. Somewhere to sit, an appliance to provide light, and an acting table. Serving all the basic needs of typical furniture, the simple lines constructed from steel furnishings are stripped back embracing minimal decadence with a modern twist. (Design Milk, 2015)

Whilst minimalistic lines provide an elaborate clean look honouring demure sophistication, the dainty style of minimalism marbles from the desire to enhance individuality. With endless design opportunities and an array of daring styles emerging, the minimalist object is becoming a true statement piece for the modern woman who wants to self-express through style. (Vogue, 2015)

Charlotte Chesnais | 2015 Collection 

Honouring a minimalist ethos, French designer Charlotte Chesnais solicited an exclusive jewellery collection for Balenciaga before pursuing her own collection. Delineating her preliminary ideas in clay, the protégée of Nicolas Ghesquièrer prefers to sculpt in lieu of flat sketches. Discussing her adoration of experimenting with dimensions, the talented designer states;

“I like volumes,” Chesnais says. “The infinity of possibilities, the technical constraints…” (NY Times, 2015)

Charlotte Chesnais | Single Ivy Earring

Referencing sculptural connoisseurs such as Constantin Brancusi and Anthony Caro as her main sources of design inspiration. Their concepts are delivered in Chesnais’s lean sculptural wristlets and the entwined rings of her first collection. (NY Times, 2015)

Arc | Tune Earring  | Theorem Necklace


Honouring the art of understated chic, Lina Hu of Arc Jewellery intricately handcrafts her designs as a result of deliberate thought and construction. With a fascination of structure and geometry, the Montreal-based designer diligently forms minimal yet expressive pieces for everyday wear. Adopting silver and bronze as her chosen materials, the elegant renditions encompass classic designs with an aura of elegance. 

From Tiny Islands | Essential Series | Dots & Bar Ring


As the current trend is to stack one’s minimal-looking jewels in great clusters on the fingers, wrists and ears, it’s apparent the minimal jewellery style is designed not to be worn alone.

Inspired by the lust for life, From Tiny Islands exudes elements of solitude and freedom. On a journey to explore the values that others may dismiss, the precious collection illustrated by  storytelling statements enriches each piece with character and charm. Delivering their mystical narrative from around the globe, their quaint accessories are enhanced with great care and detail. 

 Hsieh I Ting | Silver Orchidea Ring



Embracing contrived simplicity with a quiet sense of elegance, Taiwanese designer Hsieh I Ting attaches a story to each piece. Her intimate collection encompasses shape and geometric lines, delivering each object to be a stand alone work of art articulating a sense of organic enchantment. 

Ashley Heather | Grassveld Pendant


Pioneering the art of minimalism with an eco-edge, talented designer Ashley Heather extracts the metals found within unwanted electronic circuit boards to produce high-quality silver treasures. The intricate collection comprised of minimal lines and simple shapes is enriched with a soft elegance, proving opulent accessories are able to live forever.

As this staple continues to evolve with a revolutionary twist, the concept of minimalism is firmly securing its place within the art world. With the modern artist constructing slighter, more slimline objects , it’s apparent the consumers of today enjoy the essence of organic simplicity as much as bold outlandish couture;

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo Da Vinci (Brainy Quotes, 2015)


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