Exploring the wave of feminism currently pulsing through contemporary society, Maybe She’s Born With It is an exhibition curated by Ben Crothers, which captures the vitality of this movement. Through high-impact, humorous, and often controversial pieces; the artists work to demystify and reclaim the word “feminism” for a new generation of men and women.

The exhibition, held at the Naughton Gallery in Queen’s University, Belfast, is made up of the works of Sarah Maple, Nicky Minus and Gina Wynbrandt. Here are the HausMag highlights.

sarah maple 2

Sarah Maple ‘God is a Feminist’ | Image courtesy of Dazed Digital.

Sarah Maple from Sussex, UK, uses her art as a medium to express what it means to be a Muslim in 21st century Britain. Maple has previously won the Saatchi Gallery‘s “4 New Sensations” award for emerging designers, and is the recipient of the Sky Academy Arts scholarship. The artist is inspired by everyday things, from overheard conversations to an idea from a good book. Activism also plays a large part in Maple’s work, something she loves to explore from comedic angles.

Sarah Maple 3

Sarah Maple, ‘Banana Cock’ The Cocks series, 2012 | Image courtesy of Naughton Gallery

I love comedy as a form of activism, because I think it touches the viewer in some way. It relates to people. I often use it as a ‘Trojan horse’ to get my ideas across.

Nicky Minus HM

Nicky Minus | Image courtesy of Naughton Galley

Nicky Minus is a Sydney based artist leading the way in Australian independent comics. The artist has received international acclaim for her unapologetic, sexually charged works. A recent obsession with British Musician/Artist, Brian Eno has inspired Minus to create a political shift in her practice. “I’m now more interested in making properly political work, not just in a feminist sense, but in terms of actual global politics.”

Minus tries to avoid engaging with culture that promotes misogyny:

Up until the last couple of years, I would watch a lot of trashy TV, reality shows, look at women’s magazines in the queue at the supermarket, etc. I think exposing myself to this culture really had a huge effect on my self-esteem in a negative way. Since I’ve purposely tried to avoid all of that media, I do feel a lot better about myself, but that could also just be growing up a bit and other factors too.

Gina Wynbrandt HM

Gina Wynbrandt | Image courtesy of Naughton Gallery

Chicago based Gina Wynbrandt focuses on romantic humiliation, personal insecurities and pop culture. Her work has been featured in Best American Comics series and nominated for the Ignatz Award. Wynbrandt takes her inspiration from a variety of media platforms.

I like spying on instances of misogyny in media/culture. It’s weird and sad and sometimes makes me dislike men, but another part of me really relates to their loneliness and pathetic-ness, since I am also someone who is often struggling with the opposite sex.

exhibit ng

Maybe She’s Born With It | Image courtesy of Naughton Gallery

Maybe She’s Born With It fully embraces the current cultural climate; from tabloid headlines and the internet, to selfies, body shame, Justin Bieber and the Kardashians.

The exhibition is on until 27th November 2016 at The Naughton Gallery, Queen’s University, Belfast.

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