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As a third-generation member of a goldsmithing and jewelry family business founded over 98 years ago, Pam Lertsinthawanont seemed destined for a life in the jewelry sphere. Little do people know that prior to launching her label PANUSHAKORN, Pam had achieved a master degree in Architectural Heritage Management and Tourism and ran a very successful interior design and production company for several years.


“I grew-up in the jewelry business”, says Pam. “It was started more than 98 years ago when my grandfather entered the business as a goldsmith and eventually started the Yong Ha Ngon Jewelry Factory in 1917. All of the skills and trade-craft were passed down to each generation and I can remember helping my mother with customers in our family’s retail boutique starting when I was only 13 years old.”




Pam is the first to admit that she found the limitations of traditional jewelry business boring. “I took my first formal jewelry design course when I was in high school but of course I started goldsmithing and designing much earlier than that but eventually I got bored.”


“I wanted to do something else for a while,” Pam laughs. “So I got my master degree in Architectural Heritage Management and Tourism because I loved architectural design and opened a business with one of my friends specializing in interior design and construction.”


After several years Pam eventually returned to jewelry with a fresh perspective and diversified experiences helping her to launch her own label PANUSHAKORN in 2013. When asked what inspired her to come back and design a completely different jewelry design concept Pam explains, “I never really stopped helping my mom design jewelry even when I was doing interior design but what inspired me most was when I realized a lot of customers didn’t want just another piece of jewelry that could be worn once on a single occasion (like a wedding) and then never worn again. That’s when I decided to start designing jewelry pieces that can transform with the wearer and can be used on multiple or better yet, any occasion. For instance, one of my pieces is an elegant necklace meant for black-tie and formal events. This same necklace can be split apart and morphs into a set of hanging earrings that can be worn casually.”




The 2015 collection by PANUSHAKORN named ‘UNHIDE’ was launched recently combining the raw elements of leather and precious metals intertwined in perfect symphony. “I love the way you can create curves that aren’t too overpowering and still use combinations of texture and color to give the sense of luxury. I think Leather can do this and compliments the precious metal,” Pam explains. There is a clear link in the ‘UNHIDE’ collection’s soft and hard elements to Pam’s love for architecture and interior design, “Just think about how you can combine the hard construction of a room… the columns, the walls… and soften it with curtains… They just go!”



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