Fashion labels are always trying to find new, innovative ways to keep up with consumer needs. As our world proceeds further and further into the digital age more creative start-ups are being established on digital platforms than ever before, marking a significant change for the future of fashion.  With digitalization dramatically impacting the garment industry, we explore how designers are adapting to this change whilst maintaining their innovation, creativity, and originality.

Unmade | London

Unmade – formerly known as Knyttan – is a British clothing brand that offers customers the chance to co-create and participate in the design process. The label attempts to cater to the needs of the digital generation as they provide customers the opportunity to personalize a designer jumper or a scarf online through their custom application. After selection, customers can then choose from an array of colours and unique design patterns. Once ordered, Unmade will have the jumper or scarf produced in London and later shipped to the customer.

Unmade | London

Unmade wants to provide a platform for brands and designers to include their customers in the creation process of the product, stating that “customization is potentially the future of fashion”. (Unmade, 2016)

 Francesca Rosella | CuteCircuit

Taking interactive digital fashion to a new level CuteCircuit offers both haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes that users can control and customize with a smartphone application. Their clothes and accessories are not only original and interactive but practical as well – they are machine washable and reusable. Merging fashion digitalization with practicality CuteCircuit leads the way for innovation in wearable technology.

CuteCircuit | Foorwear Collection 2016

Having recently launched their first accessory collection, CuteCircuit’s debut of heeled footwear illuminate when hit directly by light.

CuteCircuit | Foorwear Collection 2016

Francesca Rosella, the co-founder of interactive fashion label CuteCircuit explains that “by embedding nanotechnology into fabrics, we can create “smart textiles” that are conductive, or even computational”. She also claims that “advances in digital ”smart” fabrics will revolutionise the fashion industry, allowing us to download new styles for our clothes” by ourselves online. (, 2014).


Ivyrevel | 2016 Collection

Ivyrevel is a new digital only shopping destination attempting to utilize the niche for adaptive and accessible fast fashion in the digital world. With a renewed web platform and a growing social media following Ivyrevel “claims to merge fashion creativity with technological innovation by utilizing specially developed algorithms to constantly monitor and update its product offerings.” (, 2016)

The brand hence focuses on following their customer’s preferences based on behaviour and purchases on the site, observed through carefully constructed algorithms, and adjusting their designs accordingly. With a limited edition only offering for their products and their designs frequently changing, the brand has definitely taken a bold step to cater to the needs of the digital generation.

Digitalization is a significant change occurring in the fashion industry right now. With innovative technology fused with the development of futuristic ideas, the fashion world is in anticipation of a massive structural change – one that will leave the industry completely transformed.


Written by Riina Rintanen

Edited by Christina Wright


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