Leaving no stone unturned in the materials department, a fresh wave of Central Saint Martins Graduates reveal their immense creative and deconstruction talents.

Fusing hardware-store grit with a hint of eccentric decadence, designer Fan Sze Fiona Li embraces masculine objects associated with practicality and functionality. Adopting braces and snap hooks, Fiona’s work resembles masculine construction tools with added feminine touches of pink suede.

Photography by Marek Chorzepa


Adopting ceramic, brass and leather, Fiona Kakei Chong draws inspiration from the elaborate hairstyles on ancient Roman statues. With the intricate headpieces shaped into porcelain shells, each piece represents societal status in a modern context.

Photography by Currisa Cheng

Braiding authentic Scottish tartan prints into materials traditionally associated with Native American jewellery, Kota Okuda weaves the historical frontier of the New World believing it can aid humanity’s advance into the future.

Photography by Takanori Okuwaki