Fendi celebrated their 90th anniversary in style with their “Legends and Fairy Tales” (Fall 2016 Couture Fashion Show) held at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. As the first couture show in history to be ever presented at the venue, it was a special moment for many fashion influencers.


Trevi Fountain | Rome


Kendall Jenner | Legends and Fairy Tales | Fendi Fall 2016 Collection

The breathtaking debut showcased models parading down a transparent plexiglass runway, seemingly gliding on the lit turquoise water. Whilst the scenery of the Trevi Fountain offered a spectacular backdrop filled with majestic baroque sculptures and charm, a somewhat enchanting setting engulfed the showcase created by the strategic fainted light.


Legends and Fairy Tales | Fendi Fall 2016 Collection

Reminicisant of the glamorous cinematic scene from Federico Fellini‘s La Dolce Vita (1960), where Anita Ekberg wades through the famous Fountain. The Italian Fashion Masion re-created this scene along with film scores from Nino Rota, the musical composer of the Fellini’s films.

Karl Lagerfeld, found his inspiration from children’s book, “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” (1914) and several individual pieces were inspired and transferred from the Danish Kay Nielsen‘s illustrations. Lagerfeld explained, “I called the show Legends and Fairy Tales, because it’s a collection that doesn’t relate to everybody like ready-to-wear, this is very special for people who have a special kind of life”.

Legends and Fairy Tales | Fendi Fall 2016 Collection

The collection exuded an essence of the Hollywood golden era with a contemporary twist. From mystical vintage-inspired garments to kaleidoscope-inspired patterned skirts paired with red ankle boots, Lagerfeld debuted some showstopping pieces.

Legends and Fairy Tales | Fendi Fall 2016 Collection

Models wore their hair curled into a style reminiscent of Scarlett O’Hara, secured in half-up and half-down style with fur ribbons.

Legends and Fairy Tales | Fendi Fall 2016 Collection

Bringing a fantastical fairy tale world to life, the collection incorporates intricate embroidery, handmade appliqué, and a dreamy colour palette.



Written by Diana Choi

Edited by Christina Wright


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