Great design encompasses the human experience. We rely on our senses, and when products merge with how we interpret the world, the product transcends beyond a mere object or tool. Natalia Outeda, founder and head designer of FRASSAÏ has a sensorial approach to design which sets her work apart from others.

Flacon Necklace | FRASSAÏ

Growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, then moving to New York at 13, gave Natalia a good balance of the tranquil and metropolitan life. Comparing the two, the designer said “I find New York to be more dynamic while Buenos Aires conserves more of its European heritage; people take time to do things, to savor a good cup of coffee” (Natalia, 2016). We suspect this inspired the designer’s artisan philosophy to design, as well as her arts-filled childhood. Even design has become a hurried process amongst the bustle of the everyday. However Natalia has found that quality takes time to achieve, at her brand FRASSAÏ.

Golden Cuff | Calice Ring

FRASSAÏ produces in small quantities. Upholding the spirit of craftsmanship, quality and individuality is maintained this way. It’s a very personal process, and allows the designer to develop her vision and techniques. Not feeling pressure to produce a new collection every season, FRASSAÏ jewellery stays relevant with its individuality. When you purchase Natalia’s creations, you can be sure not many people have the same piece;

“I’d like to think that I’m bringing something new to the market. It’s my tiny grain of salt as a designer – That’s what makes you truly unique. I celebrate singularity and self-expression” Natalia Outeda

Bolero Cuff Silver | Calice Rings

Organic in its aesthetic but also in its ability to evolve, FRASSAÏ is for those who value individuality and the sensorial experience. You will find FRASSAÏ pendants are designed to carry liquid perfume, and have unique textural engravings. This is a natural progression for Natalia, who has worked in the fragrance industry for many years previously. Fusing the adoration of perfume and craft, the talented designer recently developed beautiful copper candle holders as well as the candles itself. Working on the holders like a piece of jewellery, Natalia infuses the arts and aesthetic beauty into everything she makes.

“FRASSAÏ is sensorial above all. It invites you to embark on a journey, to fully savor each experience.” Natalia Outeda

Flacon Necklace | FRASSAÏ

The design process of FRASSAÏ is intuitive. Natalia is inspired by materials and arts of nature. Through her many studies and growing up in New York, she gained access to a wealth of art institutions to fuel her inspiration background. Reflecting on her research process, the designer says she refers to introspect instead of looking outwards. “During the creation process I ask myself what I want the message to be. Is it an “olfactive” piece or do I want to transmit something related to texture and touch?” (Natalia, 2016) The senses are considered just as much as the aesthetic of a piece.

Jardin Necklace | Vague Ring

The materials itself are often essential to the sensory experience. Though metal is Natalia’s preferred material, she has worked with a piece of bone that was sawed and combined with bronze; resulting in a stunning and powerful necklace. At FRASSAÏ, authenticity is displayed in its creations; where intuition and personality is infused in every piece.

“I don’t make anything I wouldn’t wear. When you look at my background, I have worked in the flower, restaurant, and fragrance industries. It’s all reflected in the brand.” Natalia Outeda


With special thanks to Natalia Outeda for her artistic insight and personal comments.


Written by Sonia Wan

Edited by Christina Wright