Under the growing influence of social media and the internet on our everyday lives, there has been a long running shift in the fashion industry. This change in direction marks an opportunity for not only small brands to make a splash, but also those creating personal brands such as fashion bloggers. With outfit inspiration constantly accessible through street style, the influences on trends have become more varied, and style fancies quickened. Designers have long since subscribed to textile or trend forecasting journals as a tool in the formation of their collections. While these often take a more long term and deep rooted look at the economic, cultural and environmental influences on fashion, now, there is Instagram.

street style

Alexander Wang 2017   | Photography courtesy of Alexander Wang

street style

Alexander Wang 2017  | Photography courtesy of Alexander Wang

While historically, collections were founded on the seasons yarn colours, so often now the influence on designers comes from micro-trends in styling that are derived by the public. Looking to everyday people as much as industry icons for direction has created a more consumer-lead, fast moving industry. But it has also brought street wear to the forefront. A decade ago it may have been pinned at sports-luxe; a trend or micro trend, but now this is part of the mainstream. With sportswear influence seeping into nearly every designer’s repertoire; from the re-appropriated sports brands of Gosha Rubchinskiy to Alexander Wang’s consistently panelled outerwear; this is more of a long-term movement.

street style

Gosha Rubchinskiy Spring 2017 | Creating a Culture Beyond Clothes

Another designer whose SS17 encapsulated everything from panelling to body shaping, racing checkerboard and lightweight outerwear, is Versace. Versace’s current campaign video for SS17 portrays this movement in a choreographed statement, set in the backstreets of London. For a designer brand known for its graphic style and Italian glamour, the setting of grey pavement and street lights stood out from their usual affair.

street style

Versace Ready-to-Wear SS17 | Dazed ©

“Sportswear is the future of fashion. Making it unique and luxurious is the challenge I took on this season. This is a collection that is all about freedom.”

– Donatella Versace

street style

Versace SS17 Campaign

With the takeover of social media outlets such as Instagram, as well as fashion bloggers, many big-name designers have accepted there position as second place trend-setters. The constant access to images of our peers, street style is at the forefront with London sportswear currently the biggest influence. Directed by Ian Derry, with music by Rezz-i, the video showcases the designer’s light outerwear combined with strong tailoring, sculpting shapes and the usual heritage details. The video, while implying an accessible edge to the extravagant designs of the Italian luxury brand, also symbolises the blurring lines between street style and high end.

Written by Hope McGee

Edited by Sonia Wan

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