As multiple designers explore the world of geometrics and mathematical precision in the creation of their works, a wave of fresh designs have emerged delivering a modern vibe to the world of wearable art. Using different shapes, forms and sizes as well as utilizing various materials, these designers effectively reinvent classical jewellery with a fresh twist. Offering an array of carefully crafted wearable artworks, geometric designs are beautifully precise and encompass a strong captivating allure.

Amy C | Octahe Bangle | Octa Bangle

Contemporary jewellery label Amy C. focuses on exploring the fairly new world of 3D printing and its unlimited design possibilities, whilst honouring traditional jewellery making techniques.

Amy C | Quad Bangle |  Cylin Bangle


With enhanced focus on the exploration of Oriental culture and architecture, the “Elements” collection is reflective of people’s personalities, thinking and cultures. The quirky collection  features clean and simple figures that channel the Chinese architectural style known for its neutral, conservative and elegant direction.

Titania Inglis | Tessellation Collection 2014

Constructing a collection based on prisms and geometry, Sino-Scottish designer Titania Inglis delivered an abstruse array of microcosms of symmetrical and delicate brass “body scaffolding.” 

Titania Inglis | Tessellation Collection 2014

With the jewellery embedded within the clothing collection, the elaborate range intricately wrapped around the legs, arms, fingers, wrists and hair of models, resembling beauty cages. (Milk, 2014)

Stéphanie Van Zwam | NorthEastWestSouth Collection

The collection “NorthEastWestSouth” by Geneva-based designer Stéphanie Van Zwam explores the progression of the nomadic crystal within a world of urban angles. The intricate geometric collection is composed of floating crystals, bronze coloured metals, and edgy dark carbon fibre, giving the wearer flexibility and the choice to wear it layered or separate. (Stéphanie Van Zwam, 2016)

OFORM | Sweet Contrast Collection


Launching her accessories label OFORM in 2014, Naomi Biljefeld hosts an impressive collection of jewellery that combines geometric shapes, materials and colours in a very thought-out, precise manner.  The collection consists of a number of rings, bracelets and necklaces made of interesting materials such as stainless steel, acrylate and marble. The minimalist, graphic and strong colour of material combinations make the accessories a feast for the eyes. (Oform, 2016)

Arc | Affine Duster Ring |  Theorem Ring 



Canadian based designer Lina Hu displays a modernist take on jewellery by constructing each piece as a result of deliberate thought and construction, reflective of a fascination with structure and geometry. Her sculptural accessories convey the union of modernism and geometry in a physical form, resulting in a perfect match for anyone wishing to make a stylish statement.

Discussing the importance of geometry within design, American graphic designer Paul Rand renowned across the US for his creation of the infamous abc network logo comments;

“You can’t criticize geometry. It’s never wrong.” — Paul Rand

Written by Riina Rintanen

Edited by Christina Wright