Featuring distorted visuals and computer manipulated images, Glitch provides a trend that reflects our modern digital society. The style is formed through digital alteration that results in a reconstructed visual setting of optical illusions and irregular patterns. Through the excessive length of expression used and its uniqueness, Glitch is fast becoming a prolific trend for Summer 2017.

tim richardson glitch

Tim Richardson – Neo-Digital Series

Transferring the concept of digital fuzz to the world of art, leading photographer and art director Tim Richardson creates an array of elaborate visuals that offers a sense of futurism, sensuality and a dream-like setting. 

Chanel | Spring/Summer 2016

Trend-setting pioneer Chanel embraced the Glitch trend in their Spring/Summer 2016 collection through the use of colour and patterns resemblant of a tilting/broken television screen. The flowing and casual-chic style of the pieces give mobility to the distorted visuals, breathing life into this budding trend.

glitch art

Glitch Art by Lukas Gecevičius

The Glitch theme often involves a sense of streamlining that is a natural result of the fusion of sensual visuals and digitalization.

[Left] S/S 2015 collection by Frankie Morello| [Right] A/W 2014/15 by Kay Kwok

The intriguing aesthetic has also been heavily featured in recent menswear collections, emphasising elements of chaos and noise through the bold and outlandish print.

Missoni  | AW1617

Italian fashion Maison Missoni, embraced this striking trend at this year’s Milan Fashion Week. Showcasing ensembles full of colour and patterns of disruptive frequencies, the luxury brand offered a mix of vibrant daring style suitable for everyday wear.

With constant digital advancements and the increasing involvement in roles of technology and art, the glitch style has been simply unavoidable.


Written by Riina Rinatin

Edited by Christina Wright


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