Pattern is ingrained in the fabric of human history – from the first time humans were able to produce textiles, we have been fascinated by repetition of flora, fauna, squares, polka dots, and more. Guda Koster is a Dutch artist who creates living sculptures and performances, of which many of her series feature a discussion with pattern, between the subject in her photographs and the space around them. In her works Koster uses fabrics, colours and patterns that underline the codes and meanings, in which our clothing conveys. The result is a surrealist depiction of masked bodies becoming one with their backgrounds.

“Daily life, identity and transforming the human body are important themes in my work. A work may begin with the pattern of a fabric found on the market or it may start with an idea.”

Guda Koster


Box, 2015 | Photography courtesy of Guda Koster




Gespikkeld, 2016 | Photography courtesy of Guda Koster






Happy? 2016 | Photography courtesy of Guda Koster



Curatin Call, 2016 | Photography courtesy of Guda Koster


Sewing the cloth herself, Koster builds most of her installation or sculptures by hand. Many times, the subject of her works have been the artists herself. Using a self timed camera set up and home made backdrop, the artist shows her dedication by working through all means of challenges.

“Clothing doesn’t just have a function but also conveys a message. In our everyday lives we communicate identity and social position primarily by means of our clothing. Clothing can be seen as a visual art form that expresses the way we see ourselves and our relationship with the world around us”

Guda Koster

All Images courtesy of Guda Koster