Often associated with construction work or safety precautions, the adornment of the helmet goes back as far as the sands of time. Primarily worn as a piece of battle armour, this hard surface essential has now trickled down onto the runways of 2016…..

John Galliano | Backstage SPRING 2016 READY-TO-WEAR | Photography RÉMI PROCUREUR

Renowned for his flamboyant flair and romantic aesthetic, Bill Gaytten for John Galliano revealed an eclectic array of British style in their spring 2016 ready to wear collection. Championing one of Galliano’s signature traits from the 90s, Gaytten armoured up his models with helmets that resembled her majesties finest. (Interview Magazine, 2016)

Built with an apparent metallic sturdiness,  the signature headpiece mirrors that of a med-evil knight.  Emphasising protection, whilst maintaining a hint of femininity through its additional playful sprout.

Alexander McQueen | 2013 Collection

Adopting sculptural metallic headpieces, Alexander McQueens range of headwear resembled that of a martian-esque flapper girl. Encompassed with touches of tribal and futuristic vibes, each fitted headpiece was coated in shades of gold and silver. 

Alexander McQueen | Paris Fashion Week

Expanding on previous concepts regarding headwear, renowned artist Pat McGrath hand-crafted high-gloss headwear pieces for McQueens 2016 collection. Carrying a weight of Japanese symbolism, the headwear provided a dramatic outline of the models faces whilst retaining a sense of demure elegance. Commenting on the strength of a McQueen lady, Guido Palau comments;

“The McQueen woman is always a warrior.” – Guido Palau (Vogue, 2015)

Gareth Pugh | London Fashion Week Fall 2015

Adorning crested helmets and armour-like breastplates, Gareth Pugh’s debut of military infused designs embrace a stark hint masculism. Each helmet is enriched with an alluring arcane twist, adding characteristics of strength and sophistication to the dedicated looks.

Chiara Pavan Studio


Claiming her project is a study of the objects involved in the ritual of care, Italian designer Chiara  begins her design process by observing electrocution within the medical field. Enriching each piece eccentric characteristics and a hint of avant-garde, the Italian designer embraces the aesthetic of the tools used to cure mental conditions. Describing her new collections, the talented designer comments;

“I create a collection of artefacts that arise from the study of the distortion of the senses, that comes from a self-deception, manifested in human life with the most unusual landscapes.”

As this runway staple continues to re-surface, its apparent its characteristics of strength and power continue to drive its dynamic allure. It’s ability to retain elements of tradition fused with a modern twist, reinforce its runway position for generations. Comparing the staple accessory to a form of  jewellery, make-up artist Peter Philips stated;

“It’s almost like a piece of jewelry,” he said. “It’s beautiful, but it’s strong.” Peter Philips (Vogue, 2013)


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