Lynsey McGarrigle, the young designer behind the brand Haus of Mohawk, spoke exclusively to the HausMag team about her exciting emerging brand.

Lynsey was signed to House of iKons in December 2015 and has since catapulted to success. In February 2016, Haus of Mohawk took to the catwalk for the House of iKons Fashion Show during London Fashion Week where the designers eclectic collection turned heads.

Haus of Mohawk | London Fashion Week | Behind the Scenes

 Named as one of the top six designers of London Fashion Week, this marked the beginning of an exciting journey for this Northern Ireland based designer. McGarrigle sings the praises of House of iKon’s leading lady Savita Kaye, whom she says is endlessly supportive;

“If you need her at any time, night or day, she will be there with her support and encouragement.”

Haus of Mohawk | Four Seasons Hotel |  Beijing | House of iKons’ Collaboration with China Fashion Week

Shortly after Haus of Mohawk’s success at London Fashion Week, McGarrigle’s collection went on display at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing as part of the soft launch for the House of iKons’ collaboration with China Fashion Week. It was incredibly well received by the audience, “people were flocking to the Four Season’s Hotel to see two pieces of the Haus Of MoHawk’s collection, Sapphire by Mohawk,” Lynsey reported.


When asked what inspires her work, McGarrigle says;

“I believe there should be no restriction on inspiration. I am inspired by all that surrounds me and allow each one of my senses to influence my design concept and process. Sometimes, I’ll wake up in the night with an idea and I’ll have to record a few small words or small sketches. Anything can provoke inspiration, it’s important to allow yourself to be open enough to explore the endless possibilities.”

Haus of Mohawk | Photography by Davy Ralston | Make-up by Rosemary Wright | Hair by Diane Devenney

One of the most show-stopping dresses in the collection is the iridescent sequinned number which interchangeably glistens vivid blue and green, reminiscent of the waves of the ocean. McGarrigle has experimented with this material in a few of her pieces to outstanding effect. The Sapphire by Mohawk’s long sweeping frame exudes red carpet glamour with a nod to mermaid chic. The iridescent sequins also appear alongside sapphire ostrich feathers in another captivating piece from the collection.


Essentially, Haus of Mohawk creates Ladies bespoke occasional wear. McGarrigle’s pieces are conservative, yet glamorous with a touch of outlandishness which makes each piece unique. Lynsey’s wearable couture has been scouted by contemporary boutique Leggera Nell’Aria on Kings Road in London which will soon be stocking McGarrigle’s work. The store sells pieces which adhere to the conventions of fashion while carrying their own unique twist, something which Haus of Mohawk achieves by definition.

Haus of Mohawk | Photography by Davy Ralston | Make-up by Rosemary Wright | Hair by Diane Devenney

“I’ve always been drawn to designing and creating “gowns” the young designer says. “When I was four I used to cut up my mum’s curtains to make dresses for my barbie dolls. We didn’t have a good pair in the house throughout my childhood due to my creative flare,” McGarrigle reminisces. However, as the studio grows and expands, as do the designers ideas for the brand. “I hope one day that Haus of Mohawk will have an everyday-wear range, accessories, bags, shoes..” however the creation of fairytale gowns will always be at the heart of Haus of Mohawk.

While Haus of Mohawk is making its mark on the international stage, a prospect which Lynsey fully embraces, the designer says Northern Ireland will remain as the brand’s base. “There’s such a strong sense of community here in Northern Ireland,” says Lynsey, “the creatives here always support each other and help each other out.” The inspiring creative scene in Northern Ireland has produced a wealth of well-known designers, artists and musicians. Notably, Jonathan Anderson, front man of his eponymous brand J.W. Anderson and the lead creative of Loewe.

Haus of Mohawk | Photography by Davy Ralston | Make-up by Rosemary Wright | Hair by Diane Devenney

McGarrigle takes charge of every aspect of the creative process, although she is primarily a designer, having studied Fashion and Textile design at North West Regional College, she taught herself how to sew in her spare time and was a member of the Northern Ireland modelling community. “How can I tell someone what I want to be done if I can’t do it myself?” the designer muses. Although she is a one-woman show at present, her client waiting list booked out until January 2017, and with the Haus of Mohawk’s recent success on the international stage, the team is sure to expand in the near future under the talented lead talented Lynsey McGarrigle.


When asked how she wants people to feel in her designs, McGarrigle says:

I want to be able to make people feel like the truest, most complete and honest versions of themselves. To be madly in love with all that they are, imperfectly perfect in every way. I want the Haus of MoHawk’s creations to be the vessel for individuals visual self expressions of who they truly are.”

With special thanks to Lynsey McGarrigle for her insightful words and artistic inspirations.

Models: Caroline, Hannah and Laura

Written By Anneka Shally

Edited by Christina Wright