A vibrant new trend that has burst from the surface of fashion design is the contemporary art of hair accessories. Styled with dramatic garments, these elegant accessories have been one of the many topics of discussion throughout this year’s Spring Summer collections. From simple ribbons to theatrical, chunky headbands designers have taken this area of fashion and let it explode in an array of striking and ready-to-wear pieces. Image of Sophia Buhai's hair accessories

Sophie Buhai | SS16

Sophie Buhai is a designer working across many disciplines. Prior to setting up her design studio and shop, Buhai spent ten years as a co-creative director of the womenswear line Vena Cava in New York.

Image of Sophia Buhai's hair accessories

Sophie Buhai | SS16 collection

Her beautifully considered pieces emphasise timeless, sculptural silhouettes, whilst obtaining a minimalist style and form through her use of simple shapes and constructions. Her simplicity stems from a residency at Tuscan artists’ colony Villa Lena, where art supplies were extremely limited. With a select number of resources available, Buhai created her Brâncuși Barrette piece out of scrap pieces of metal and a vintage wooden bead.

Image of Alberta Ferretti's hair accessoriesAlberta Ferretti | SS16 collection

Featured in Alberta Ferretti’s Spring 2016 ready-to-wear show the models hair was delicately woven with small, golden hair fixtures. Sophisticated and glamorous, these intricate pieces shimmered down the runway in shades of brilliant bronze, gold and rose pink.

Image of Alberta Ferretti's hair accessories

Alberta Ferretti | SS16 collection

Ferretti is said to have taken inspiration from nature’s characteristic tones, ranging from creepy crawlies to the nightfall in the desert.

Image of Rodarte hair accessoryRodarte | SS16

Gracing New York’s Summer 2016 fashion runway Rodarte presented their latest collection. Constructed with elaborate patterns and layers of lace, the ensembles were artistic awes within themselves. The collection’s main focus was to express a natural and authentic style and aesthetic, and hence their positioning of floral barrettes. Resulting in an exciting unpredictable variety and thereby creating an elegant notion of individualisation, and authenticity.

John Galliano hair accessoryJohn Galliano | SS16

John Galliano showcased his SS16 ready to wear collection for Maison Margiela. Packed with dreamy 60’s inspirations taking the dramatic beehive hair styles and statement eye makeup. To emphasise and complement the space-age meets mod vision, the structured and matted hair-styles were adorned  in cellophane and wrapped plastic, adding an eccentric and quirky sci-fi twist to the ensembles.

Image of Hoffman's hair accessoryMara Hoffman | Spring collection

Inspired by Willie Nelson’s music, Mara Hoffman’s Spring collection sports cheerfully printed designs, the models parading down the catwalk to the sound Nelson’s beloved song “Blue Skies”. To match these hippie-like tomboy looks, ensembles had their own headband counterpart.

Image of Hoffman's hair accessory

Mara Hoffman | Spring collection

Thick and simple, the hair accessories conformed to that of the boyish garment style, right down to the attires print design. This collection not only held inspirations from the likes of Willie Nelson, Hoffman was also drawing ideas from her own personal style. As this collection is perhaps the most masculine style she’s ever created. She explained;

 “My collections are really, feminine, but more often that not I’m in vintage jeans and a shirt buttoned all the way up.” Mara Hoffman (Vogue, 2016)

Written by Amber Weaver

Edited by Christina Wright


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