The magical connection between society and gems stretches back as far the ancient civilisations of the Chinese, Egyptians and Sumerians.

The dubbed “healing stones” created from magma from the Earth’s inner core, are often believed to contain a strong energy field attracting people at specific moments to aid weaknesses or enhance strengths.(Eluxe Magazine, 2015).


VK Lillie | Healing Bags

With a multitude of adorning methods available, accessories designers have introduced an array of  mystical designs that posses more spiritual meaning that than superficial show. With a unique range of custom styles, the designs not only look good but aim to establish a sacred link between the piece and the wearer.

VK Lillie |Healing Bags

Hand crafting one-of-a-kind necklaces inspired by Native American culture and spirituality, Paris-based jewellery brand Vk Lillie exquisite narrative of customised pieces have an in-bedded aura of mystery. Made in Italy, the ornate necklaces are suspended from a diamond cut ball chain then filled with gemstones that encompass spiritual healing properties. Uniquely customised for a broad range of special occasions or specific requirements such as love, fertility or health, each piece is bespoke to deliver a unique resonance for the individual.

With every accessory constructed “with so much love and intention’ , the French designer emphasises her appreciation of the environment, adopting salvaged recycled leather in an attempt to prevent the further slaughter of animals. (Wallpaper, 2015).

intriuge2 Intrigue1



With an intensifying fascination of fusing raw and man-made materials, Singapore based architect and designer Jamie adopts natural untreated gemstones in an attempt to celebrate Mother Nature at its best.  Selecting the spiritual stones in their rawest form and applying them against simple designed metal bases, each design is minimalistic and sophisticated making it perfect for everyday wear. Shaped with irregularity and a unique cut, the acting architect believes each stone to be;

“Perfect in its imperfections.” ([in]trigue, 2015)


Alicia Hannah Naomi | The Arête Pendant  & Ablataion Earrings

Working exclusively with  semi-precious and precious gems such as black spinel, ruby, and genuine diamonds, Melbourne based designer Alicia Hannah Naomi sees personal style as a fundamental channel for self-expression.With each stone chosen for its value and subversive character, her conceptual collections explores the poetry found in natural objects emphasising a dark beauty.

JoJo Grima

As a society jeweller to the Royals and stars of the swinging 60s, Andrew Grima (now Jojo Grima) designs form a blend of personal exclusivity and universal desirability with his unique artisan. Mixing precious and semi-precious gemstones together, the Italian born designer revolutionised the jewellery world in the 1960s with his distinctive contemporary designs. Incorporating amethysts, lapis, opals, coral, natural emeralds, tourmalines, agate, peridot, and rock crystal. The precious stones embedded with holistic meaning are fused with the world’s most opulent materials, adding depth and character to each piece.

Although Grima’s exuberant designs were once deemed too radical for the 60s generation, his unique form of artisan continues to energise and inspire designers,  particularly  his daughter Francesca whom took over the family business in 2007. (Grima Jewellery, 2015)

Defined by Italian Grazia as “jewels with a soul”, the elaborate rocks from the Earths’s core continue to carry an aura of fascination and confidence. With substantial belief that the stones carry power worldwide, Kara Lillie claims there is an ever increasing intensifying bond between the accessory and wearer;

“After I put my first medicine bag on I felt such a strong connection to it that I couldn’t leave the house without it. This is the feedback I get from most of my customers – which makes my heart sing.” — Kara Lillie (Wallpaper, 2015) 


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