Talent in its purest form can be found at graduate shows, where students celebrate the fruits of their developmental years at their chosen design institutions. Shedding light on Hong Kong’s design industry future, Hausie was invited to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s (Institute of Textiles and Clothing) MA Fashion Graduate Show.

Poly-U MA Fashion Graduate Show | Photography by HKTDC

Nine students were selected to show at Hong Kong Fashion Week; a small representation of the only post-graduate Fashion and Textile Design programme taught in Hong Kong. Since it’s creation in 1957, the Institute of Textiles and Clothing has been supporting the creative talent of the dynamic and culturally  hybrid city. Late architect Zaha Hadid, who designed the university’s Innovation Tower, would have enjoyed the abstract and graphical design of the MA Show’s title graphics and branding, which preluded the show.

DE-CONTRU-CURED by Twiggy Lin| Photography by ITC, HK PolyU

Opening the show was an all white collection by Twiggy Lin, titled DE-CONTRU-CURED. Aptly named, this mismatched feat of deconstructed  denim, jersey, and bracer details felt minimal and avant-garde all at once. following a similar aesthetic line was The Age of Adventure by Yuan Liu. This collection was Saville Row tailoring meets Star Wars, in the best sense. The draping gave fluidity and life to the traditional pin-striped fabrics. When paired with metallic details and pleating, a new space age angle was given to the collection.

The Age of Adventure by Yuan Liu| Photography by HKTDC and ITC, HK PolyU

Texture is key even for the two primary menswear collections. Y2K2 by Jennifer Louise Myrans favours velour track suits and statement fur coats. Surreal Obsession by Sue Suh featured an over-sized, shaggy jumper and Satine trousers. Both collections cater to a modern, relaxed man. With Y2K2’s bandana styling and pulled up socks, we wonder if Latin America and track junkies influenced this collection.

Y2K2 by Jennifer Louise Myrans | Photography by Hausie

Surreal Obsession by Sue Suh | Photography by ITC, HK PolyU and HKTDC

Too Much Reality by Aven Kee and Sound in City by Yuffie Liu stunned audience’s visual senses with their print based collections. Kee’s particularly left an impression due to its painterly print style and vivid colour. Whereas Liu’s collection left audiences feeling serene and calm – the models walked to a calming, techno track and each print migrated across the body and onto the next look smoothly.

Too Much Reality by Aven Kee | Photography by ITC, HK PolyU 

Sound in City by Yuffie Liu | Photography by Hausie and HKTDC

Coming full circle, the show began in white and ended in black. Transfiguration by Kate Chu opened with a short film featuring a figure covered in seemingly blood and hair. The looks that exited were slashed open and reconstructed with red ribbon; haphazardly combined at parts with red bracers. White cotton, black leather, red tassels and feathers – this collection was both dark and romantic, ending the MA Graduate Show perfectly.

Transfiguration by Kate Chu | Photography by ITC, HK PolyU 

With special thanks to HKTDC, and The Institute of Textiles and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic for Press materials.

Written by Sonia Wan

Edited by Christina Wright