This week, the Hausie team attended the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong’s BA Fashion Graduate’s Show. An array of innovative and visually stunning collections graced the Hong Kong Fashion Week Runway: displaying the potential of the Hong Kong’s budding designers.

THE KNIGHT PROTECTOR – VOL.1 by Li Sing | Photography by Hausie

The show represented a small selection of the Class of 2016 BA Fashion cohort – 12 to be exact. Their styles ranged from utilitarian and streetwear, to haute and abstract. A panel of judges, all experts in their fields oversaw the graduate’s collections. Vice chairman of the Hong Kong Fashion Designer’s Association, Ms. Janet Cheung was present. As well as Creative Director of Moiselle International Limited, Mr. Harris Chan.

SHINSEI by Lung Ka Yi | Courtesy of HKTDC

Chan Chung Kei’s LO! was inspired by Suprematism art, in particular the works of Luis Barragan, a Mexican architect and engineer.  The oversized geometric pockets-come-bags and asymmetrical colour blocking brought a sense of whimsy to the runway. Contrastingly, Chau Yuk Ting’s Herbarium stayed in the neutral and earthy tones. Taking inspiration from dried plants: finding beauty in their dried roots and vines. Herbarium experiments with fabric combinations and textures to portray nature’s memories.

LO! By Chan Chung Kei| Herbarium, by Chau Yuk Ting | Courtesy of HKTDC

Three graduates in particular took to the limelight. Choi Yui Shing won the Hong Kong Fashion Designer’s Association Creativity Award as well as Overall Winner Award for his collection; UNTITLED#1. This collection could belong in a MA Graduate’s Show, with it’s clear design aesthetic, diverse methods of presenting volume, and good quality make. First Runner Up went to Chan Tsz Ying’s The Breaking Waves, which experimental use of yarns and weaving techniques evoked the need for artisan craft. Second Runner Up Li Sing’s THE KNIGHT PROTECTOR – VOL.1 had the clearest narrative – boxer meets bootcamp. The pieces featured heavy duty outerwear with a contemporary twist.

UNTITLED #1 by Choi Yui Shing | Courtesy of HKTDC

The Breaking Waves by Chan Tsz Ying | Courtesy of THEi

THE KNIGHT PROTECTOR – VOL.1 by Li Sing | Courtesy of THEi

With special thanks to HKTDC for Press Materials.

Written by Sonia Wan

Edited by Christina Wright