After showcasing in New York Fashion Week, Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF) led three Hong Kong based designer brands (Cynthia&Xiao, FFIXXED STUDIOS, id) onto a runway show and five more brands (Berayah, HANG, kenaxleung, Methodology, Vanessa Tao) in a collective showroom. With bringing local talents to international stage in heart and under the sponsorship of Create Hong Kong, FFF organised the HKFG program which hosted a show and a cocktail party to present Hong Kong’s emerging powers to the world. HausMag was honoured to be on the invited list.

HKFG PARIS AW17_Press Day_Group Photo

Designer group photo in cocktail party | Photography courtesy of HKFG

The vibrant and exciting landscape of Hong Kong’s emerging designers was plain to see on the runway. Bold Chinese graphics with simple modernity from Cynthia&Xiao seized both oriental and western hearts. Relaxed and comfortable silhouettes from FFIXXED STUDIOS made the audience fall in love with its contemporary lifestyle. Embedded with romantic spirit, urban womenswear from id created a powerful image composed of anger towards today’s disruptive world.


Cynthia&Xiao runway looks | Photography courtesy of HKFG


FFIXXED STUDIOS runway looks | Photography courtesy of HKFG


id runway looks | Photography courtesy of HKFG

Three more Hong Kong designers who participated in the collective presentation attended Paris Fashion Week. Their models dressed in different palettes, with distinctive styles that are independent and attractive.


Women working across the border between Spain and Morocco inspired HANG’s SS17 collection. They carry loads of packages up to 90 kilograms. Creative director Mim Mak captured the chemistry in the movement or simply a moment between packages and women. Created pieces with matt surface and velvet print.


HANG ss2017 collection | Photography courtesy of HANG

The secret to appreciating HANG collections lies in its name. In German, HANG means ramp, which is a plane that looks different from different angles. HANG never ceases to choose different materials, and handling even a button and a piece of string. That’s why if you take closer look at the details, get ready to be surprised.


It looks like the Methodology woman is going to set out into the sea, embrace the breeze and embark on an unknown journey dressed in the SS17 collection. With Bahama hat embellished with knots, a quintessential confident and courageous women look is completed.

Methodolody SS17 (2)_meitu_1

Methodology ss2017 accessories | Photography courtesy of Methodology

For the first time, a capsule collection of one-piece swimsuits is offered. Bi-colour blocks match seamlessly with the wavy and asymmetrical lines. Vintage style with a playful touch. Moreover, Methodology juggles sportswear and vintage, with the designer’s mix and matching skills. Just put on a gauzy slip dress on the swimsuit, and you can walk back to party at ease.

Methodolody SS17 (2)_meitu_1

Methodology ss2017 collection | Photography courtesy of Methodology

Methodology’s design not only brings to life feminine shapes but also provides multiple ways to wear, evoking creativity and fashion sense.

Vanessa Tao

Immersed with traditional oriental aesthetics since childhood (her grandmother is a Qipao maker), vintage style is complemented flawlessly with sexiness, via Vanessa Tao’s modern and contemporary design. The SS17 collection is inspired by 1930’s beach pajamas. The pastel palette and effortless silhouette are relaxing and feminine. This collection is like a long-waiting call for a summer escape.


Vanessa Tao SS17 Collection | Photography courtesy of Vanessa Tao

With rich fashion background, Vanessa Tao visualizes each garment as a timeless piece. Her designs are rich in thoughtful details. She is an artisan when she tries to find the color in her imagination, and to build the shapes in her dream.

Special thanks to press materials from Fashion Farm Foundation and HKFG