This year’s Hong-Kong Fashion Week Extravaganza kicked to a marvellous start and the Hausie team are proud to bring the latest in fashion coverage! Minus the winters chill in the air, a fine array of local talent debuted their new collections with some exciting twists, reminding us why Asia’s World City is an emerging fashion hub.

Kevin Ho | Fall/Winter Collection | Hong-Kong Fashion Week

Swinging back onto the runways of 2016, Hong-Kong based designer Kevin Ho embraced the retro chic of the roaring twenties.  Intricately draping his apparel in ribbon Ho comprises his collection with a unique array of silhouettes and cuts. Encompassing great sophistication and modernity, the London College of Fashion graduate adopts exciting bursts of colours adding  a touch bohemian chic.

HANG | Fall/Winter Collection | Hong-Kong Fashion Week

Bringing one of 2017 biggest macro trends onto the catwalk, HANG ( which translates as ramp in German) embraces the emergence of the “Digital Wave”. With accentuated VHS colour palettes  and tapered silhouettes, the nostalgia of 80s retro is heavily reflected throughout the collection. Saluting the eccentric decadence, models were adorned in veils of digital fuzz  ” the static you see when your television isn’t working’.” (WSGN, 2016)

Blind By JW | Fall/Winter Collection | Hong-Kong Fashion Week

Blind by JW, the label founded under the introspective of east meets west offers an insight to what both cultures are capable of evoking. Intricately fusing the traditional designs of the orient and evolving the motifs with a modern twist, the common thread throughout the collection appeared to be the bold floral prints with subtle textures. 

SHERMAN KWAN | Fall/Winter Collection | Hong-Kong Fashion Week

Keeping the essence of grunge alive with an energising 80s twist, designer Sherman’s collection comes to life with an elaborate touch of androgyny. With daring sheer materials embedded among shiny leather overcoats, the collection is surrounded by an aura of mystery yet defined with an edgy finish.

DEMO | Fall/Winter Collection | Hong-Kong Fashion Week

With a series of artful looks, Derek Chan’s collection for DEMO evoked a juxtaposed essence of play and power. Attiring his models in dapper suits with tailored cuts, Chan added a hint of  avant-garde to his collection with his gold framed facial accessories, shaped differently according to each outfit.

MODEMENT | Fall/Winter Collection | Hong-Kong Fashion Week

Debuting outlandish headwear within a warm winter setting, designer Aries Sin pushes gender boundaries closer together with her innovative designs. The “Modement” designer debuts her  range of alluring multi-silhouettes embedded among the emerging trends of 2017,  embracing the lounge suit within the collection.

MODEMENT | Fall/Winter Collection | Hong-Kong Fashion Week

Driving a force of the inquisitional, Sin delicately places a facial piece on a number of the models, masking their nose and mouth. Adding  depth of eccentricity to each ensemble, the abstruse piece remains poised on the models face intricately aligned in a quaint position. 

As the 47th Fall/Winter Fashion week of Hong-Kong comes to a close, the city continues to reveal its immense talent and creativity. As the blend of culture and variation of style continues to fuel creativity, the prospect of Hong-Kong emerging as a fashion hub is ever intensifying.