Glimmering with creativity and promise, Asia’s fashion leaders shone last week, at CENTRESTAGE; Hong Kong’s newest fashion event. The initiative was a reaction to the ever growing designer talent in Asia, and the niche gap for them to showcase their works to the global stage. As opposed to previous Hong Kong fashion week’s, CENTRESTAGE focusses on propelling visionary design and opportunities, in contrast to sourcing. Presenting fashion brands from around the world, CENTERSTAGE also organised overseas buying missions from 25 countries and regions, including companies such as Korea’s Shinsegae and Galerie Lafayette from France. In addition to the showrooms and catwalk shows, the International Fashion Supermodel (IFSM) Competition of the Asia-Pacific Regional Final was held at CENTRESTAGE.

Arthur Lam Couture | Photography by Sonia Wan, HausMag

HausMag had the pleasure to attend a few of the 30 fashion shows spanning across the 3 day event. Showcasing their SS17 collections, our personal highlights include Parisian Luxury Watch and Apparel brand; Galtiscopio, as well as Hong Kong brands Anagram and ILOVECHOC. The three presented in the same show; working off each other’s contrasts and serving a wonderful mix of edgy sophistication, muted elegance, and loud street wear. Galtiscopio’s most memorable pieces were the leather fringe and paint print numbers, which exuded Chloé meets Balmain vibes. Anagram’s SS17 made you want to frolic in fields of meadow and go on picnics with it’s blissful silhouettes, pastels, and candy stripes. Whereas ILOVECHOC ignited the inner teenage rebel in us all, featuring loud graphic prints and text slogans.

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Galtiscopio, Anagram, ILOVECHOC | Photography by Sonia Wan, HausMag

However the highlight of the opening day was most certainly the CENTRESTAGE ELITES show. These designers were slightly more established, and boasted a strong portfolio worthy of the title, ‘elite’. Featuring South Korean designer Ko Taeyong, and his brand Beyond Closet, Simon Gao from Beijing, Mim Mak of HANG from Hong Kong, and Pongsak and Thita of label Rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL. The ELITES show was a mere taster of the potential Asia holds.

Beyond Closet by Ko Taeyong | Photography by Sonia Wan, HausMag

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Beyond Closet by Ko Taeyong | Photography courtesy of CENTRESTAGE

Designer Mim Mak of label HANG first gained recognition after winning overall winner and Party & Evening wear award at the 2012 Young Designer’s Competition, Hong Kong. Mak further went on to produce her own collection for Joyce Boutique, showcase at both New York fashion week and Tokyo fashion week, as well as collaborate with NARS, alongside 3.1 Philip Lim. HANG’s SS17 show opened with an interesting spectacle – a model towed plastic wrapped boxes into the centre of the stage – hinting towards the industrial and work-ware inspirations of the collection. In true HANG aesthetic, the SS17 designs were minimalist with attention to detail, including an asymmetrical spin.

HANG | Photography by Sonia Wan, HausMag

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HANG | Photography courtesy of CENTRESTAGE

Pongsak Suprratccheep and Thita Kamonnetsawat are the creative brains behind the sought-after Thai fashion label, Rotsaniyom.  Their show was a surreal experience. Walking to an eerie, dream-like tune, the models emerged from darkness, dressed in ethereal white lace garments. The design duo’s side brand, WHITE LABEL, as aptly named, creates all white collections but make no mistake is this any less interesting. The clothing merged soft white linens, silk, lace, and cotton into tiered layers, combined with victorian nightwear design details and fastenings. The models carried pillows with ‘Dream’ written on them, illuminating on the Victorian nightwear theme.

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Rotsaniyom | Photography by Sonia Wan, HausMag

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Rotsaniyom  | Photography courtesy of CENTRESTAGE

Last but not least, Simon Gao ended the show in an electric, metallic array of disco inspired clothing. The Beijing based designer launched his brand in 2012, and quickly became known as one of the hottest new designers in China. He presented his first haute couture collection at Paris Fashion Week 2014, showcasing to the world his eclectic style. At CENTRESTAGE, the finale show opened with a playful pixel video mixing a stereotypical kung-fu tune with disco, reminiscent of 70s Hollywood martial arts films. Glittery knits, bustiers, and a lot of proportion play were the highlights of this collection.

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Simon Gao | Photography by Sonia Wan, HausMag

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Simon Gao | Photography courtesy of CENTRESTAGE

Despite the presence of global designers, CENTRESTAGE spotlights on the local talent of Hong Kong, the notable mentions of which include; Harrison Wong, Lu Lu Cheung, KenaxLeung, and Modement. As the first edition of the CENTRESTAGE tradeshows, HausMag is keen to see how future editions will develop.

With special thanks to CENTERSTAGE HKTDC for press materials.