To render support to the local fast-growing fashion industry, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) launches Hong Kong Fashion Week, twice a year, as an international hub for fashion talents to congregate, and for buyers and suppliers to source clothing from amongst the exhibitors coming from all over the world.

KA WA KEY | Sherman Kwan | Photography by HausMag


Hong Kong Fashion Week, FW17 | © HKTDC

Bringing a repertoire of whimsical fantasies onto the stage, the 48th Hong Kong Fashion Week was off to a fiery start with 14 of the city’s emerging designers, showcasing their Fall/Winter 2017 collections in the two-part fashion show presented by FASHIONALLY; a non-profit organisation with the sole purpose of championing Hong Kong’s designers. HausMag had the pleasure to attend the show and witness the impressive works brought by the local talent. Our personal highlights include 112 mountainyam, HANG, DEMO., and Modement.


Hong Kong Fashion Week, FW17 | Photography by HausMag

The first half of the show, ‘FASHIONALLLY COLLECTION #8’, was a display of contemporary reinterpretations of feminine aesthetics. The event kicked off with a burst of electric reds and blues matching with deer motif graphic prints. Rorschach-like inkblots can also be found on jackets and leggings. Such psychedelic patterns are offset by the black hues to balance the loud and edgy street wear look, which articulates a form of mascu-feminine sensibility.

112 mountainyam, FW17 | Photography courtesy of Fashionally

This year, athleisure has become one of the on-trend styles, having a mass appeal. Taking cues from the sport-inspired looks, HANG fuses minimalism with utilitarianism, through adopting athletic fabrications. Adhering to the use of stark black and earthy colours, all of the pieces such as the puffy skirts, trench coats and dresses embellished with pleated stripes: are well-suited for an easy and clean look this season.

HANG, FW17 | Photography courtesy of Fashionally

The second part of the show, ‘FASHIONALLLY COLLECTION #9’, features avant-garde designs which challenge the status quo for men and women. Menswear label DEMO. took a romantic throwback to 1950s’ prep school style. Well-tailored bodysuits and breeches, matching with houndstooth bomber jackets, or plaid blazers topped with coloured fur scarves, add spice to the prim and proper uniform, creating a vigorous of youthful dandy.

DEMO. FW17 | Photography courtesy of Fashionally

DEMO. FW17 | Photography by HausMag

KENSON, FW17 | Photography by HausMag

The show finished with Modement’s collection – “Concrete Jungle.” Aries Sin, the designer of Modement, whose strength in poetic day wear was flawlessly shown through the juxtaposition of fitted and loose pieces. Layered bottoms teamed with vest and trench coats made a perfect pair, which conjures up the images of Oliver Twist. The strong dark silhouette in androgynous style symbolises the hectic life and high-density buildings of Hong Kong.

Modement, FW17 | Photography courtesy of Fashionally

Modement, FW17 | Photography by HausMag

Modement, FW17 | Photography by HausMag

With professional expertise and sensitivity to current trends, Hong Kong’s fashion designers are expanding their market and gaining reputation worldwide, in order to blend commercialism with innovation.

With special thanks to HKTDC for press materials.

FASHIONALLY – FASHIONALLY gathers 14 of our city’s most promising designers to debut their AW17 collections . 2017. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 25 January 2017].