Design has arguably been used as a vehicle and tool to express current political, cultural, social and creative issues, trends and occurrences. Described as an emblem of representing our historical past, the poster has become a valuable object of communication.

Poster created by Shepard Fairey

In recent times, Shepard Fairey, the designer behind the iconic Obama poster, has adapted the same posterised colour palette and style with different subjects in response to president Trump’s inauguration. The American designer who was commissioned by  non-profit organisation Amplifier Foundation along with other artists, were at the centre of a Kickstarter campaign that managed to raise over $1.3 million (£1 million) in little over a week. The “We Are the People” collection of images act in solidarity against the recent travel ban on seven Muslim countries. Targeting at Trump, in the place where the President’s face should be, are non-famous faces representing some of the USA’s minority populations – Muslims, Latinos and African Americans.

Poster created by Shepard Fairey

Poster created by Shepard Fairey

Other artists that collaborated on this project are Ernesto Yerena who created images featuring a Native American figure with a raised fist and the slogan “We are resilient”, and Jessica Sabogal, who depicts two women embracing alongside the slogan “We are indivisible”. These designs draw awareness to the GOP’s lack of empathy towards Native American’s, and the legislations still marginalising them today.

Poster created by Ernesto Yerena

Poster created by Jessica Sabogal

This campaign is a significant reminder of how crucial design is, in impacting people’s lives. It also pays homage to it’s powerful emotive ability to create and encourage hope and change throughout societies, communities and the rest of the world.

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