It’s apparent that most of us will run for cover at the mere scurry of creepy crawly. However, the life of a bug can suddenly become beautiful, precious and complex when encrusted with the finest stones and diamonds, instantaneously transforming it into a stunning artistic  statement.

Embracing the infusion of inject artisan, business woman Shala Monroque states  there is now a desire for a deeper non-superficial inner beauty;

“I’m tired of very pretty things. There can be beauty in what is seemingly ugly on the surface, we just have to change the context.”  (Vogue, 2012)

Although the adoption of the bejewelled bug baubles may seem contemporary, it is not a new fad . The trend dates back as far as the Mayan civilisation, whom adopted Maquech beetles and encrusted them with precious stones as part of their endeavour to facilitate long lasting love. Introducing this antique trend into the modern wardrobe, French designer René Lalique best known for his glass and jewellery creations fused his creative ambition and adoration of nature, specifically bugs.  Transforming the somewhat disturbing creatures into fine pieces of wearable art for the first time, the designers legacy is  now continued by numerous fashion houses. (Oddity Central, 2015)

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, 2013

Moroccan designer Alber Elbaz, sent his models down the runway in 2013 with a seamless blend of natural inspiration in the form of  oversize cuffs and chokers.  The luxe jewel-encrusted motifs consumed by creepy crawlers were brought to life by the Lanvin designer. By offering an utterly unique perspective, constructed by man-made components, the talented designers use of transitional colours with the mono-chromatic shades of spring magnify the collections visual aesthetic.

  Illenia Corti, 2007

With successful collaborations within the luxury sector such as D&G, Pucci, Marimekko and Cacharel. Italian design duo  Illenia Corti and Matteo Menas fine collection amplifies sheer opulence whilst paying tribute to the origins of the natural world. (Trend Hunter, 2013).

The creative duo actively capture the beauty of the unexpected with their range of insect embellishments. With each piece intricately hand modelled and finely carved, down to the cuts and settings of the stones, the designers aim being to fragment each stone with an aura of mystery. (Describe Your Style, 2013)


Delfina Delettrez, 2012

Italian designer Delfina Delettrez adoration of detail and intricacy fuelled her inspiration for her 2012  insect infused collection, the Italian stated;

“Insects are so detailed and complex, I love everything about them,” -Delettrez (Vogue, 2012)

Delettrez range of winged insect appliqués encrusted with delicate embroideries illustrate a true vision of natural beauty. Playing on the theme of increasing a conceptual sense of surreal, the Italian designer uses traditional Italian craftsmanship to create modern masterpieces, she clarifies her desire for further exploration;

“I wanted to make the brooch on a gigantic scale, the way it looks through a microscope. It’s how I imagine things when the smallest creatures of the world become predators.” (Vogue, 2012)

INSECT 1 copy

Racehel Boston | 2014

With a signature aesthetic of strong and pure, British designer Rachel Boston draws her inspiration from the unconventional sources of nature and organic forms. Looking to contemporary culture and high fashion with an added hint of magic realism, the British designer states her objective is to celebrate the beautiful and the damned. Her collections ‘The Protector’ and the ‘The Ritual’ feature an exquisite range of beetles, scorpions, talismanic teeth and seeds; embracing their organic, and seldom aggressive forms.

Maintaining a strong emphasis on  craftsmanship, artistry, and luxury, each piece is meticulously crafted whilst retaining an essence of its natural beauty. Bringing great eye catching beauty through high quality and raw organic originality. (Rachel Boston, 2015)

While the inspiration for bug supreme has been around for centuries,  the adoption of insect artisan still evokes a slight tremor of shock to those around us. However, when touched by designers the whimsical transformation makes a strong and powerful statement. When transformed this unique piece can make a bold otherworldly statement to a somewhat boring ensemble, transfiguring the once deemed unsightly critter into an exquisite work of art.


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