Introducing the adornable insect trend into the modern wardrobe, Italian designer Mario Salvucci offers an utterly unique perspective to this antique style whilst paying tribute to the origins of the natural world. Transforming the elaborate insect into a stunning artistic statement, Salvucci offers an exclusive conceptual sense of the surreal with his Incredible Creatures collection.

Mario Salvucci | Design Studio in Umbria, Italy

Growing up in Umbria, the talented designer was inspired by the organic beauty of the Italian countryside and became fascinated by exploring the relationship between architectural history and nature. Closely observing his immediate surroundings in the farmyard owned by his parents, the Italian’s creative journey began by admiring the natural shapes and geometry embedded within the natural world.

Incredible Creatures by Mario Salvucci | Vedova Nera Necklace

With creativity bursting through his veins, Mario began learning his dedicated skills from a traditional town jeweller during his free afternoons. Later branching out to Manhattans East Village and joining the infamous art scene of the 1980s, Salvucci began championing this intricate look with an enhanced eco-focus.

Incredible Creatures by Mario Salvucci | Vedova Nera Brooch

Influenced by the artworks of Ernst Haeckel and sculptures of Louise Bourgeois and Richard Serra, the talented designer embeds his artistic appreciation and fascination of the natural world within his artistic research process. Initially sketching any creative ideas,  Salvucci later produces technical drawings with accentuated focus to the finer details.

Incredible Creatures by Mario Salvucci | Cobra Earrings

With the greatest of respect for handcraft, the creative artist comments the importance of artisan;

“My designs exist only because I love to make things with my hands, I think the creative process is not complete without handcraft. All my work is refined and bent by my hands in a limited edition, all done in my studio in Umbria, Italy, except the initial laser cutting or casting.”

Incredible Creatures by Mario Salvucci | Scorpio Earrings

Adopting silver due to its graceful ageing process, Salvucci accelerates the natural process by oxidising his works with sulphur. Honouring each design with a personal touch the Italian designer intricately hand models and finely carves each piece, down to the cuts and settings of the stones, striving to deliver an essence of timeless elegance.

Incredible Creatures by Mario Salvucci | Devil Fish Necklace

Maintaining a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, artistry, and luxury, Salvucci transforms the somewhat disturbing creatures of the insect world into fine pieces of wearable art. With fellow artisans such as Fendi heiress Delfina Delettrez and Lanvin parading this signature style down recent runways, the Italian designer describes the unique perspective of his brand;

“Incredible Creatures is not a commercial brand and it’s more art than fashion. Art that creates nature – nature that creates art.” 

Incredible Creatures by Mario Salvucci | Passiflora Necklace

Playing on the themes of attraction and repulsion, the designer explores the boundaries of the viewer whilst amplifying the raw elegance of nature at its best. Recreating the delicate movements and fragility of the organic world, Salvucci devotes an aura of intimacy, individuality and uniqueness to each design. Encompassing the collection with a message to explore the symbology of mother nature and “start loving her before it’s too late.”

When questioned how the wearer of an Incredible Creatures piece should feel, Mario states;

“ Strong and secure of themselves.” — Mario Salvucci


With special thanks to Mario Salvucci, for his insightful words and artistic inspirations.