With an exotic up-brining in a culturally rich environment , Izzabella Petrut is the Romanian born designer with an exquisite array of wearable art designs with an intricate flair.

The talented designer embraced a well balanced and structured up bringing having been raised in vibrant house-hold filled with music and books. With great exposure to athletic activities and her father a martial arts expert, Petrut trained as a professional gymnast for 11 years travelling far and wide to competitions and training camps. Believing her cultural exposure and frequent integrations with talented individuals, fuelled her gravitation toward the artistic life. Petrut comments on her decision to study art and design as;

“The best decision I ever made.”

Izabella Petrut | Here and Now

Emphasising the significance of her her youth and how it has impacted her designs, the talented designer states her exotic influences are still reflected in her mood boards today;

“All these amazing experiences and all the wonderful people I met, have left an imprint in my development. It is all now a part of my work and these experiences are deeply carved in my soul.”

Izabella Petrut | Here and Now


With each collection uniquely diverse to each other, Petrut begins every new design journey by experimenting with a technique or material whilst writing ideas about the concept. Although at times the talented designer claims this can be down to gut instinct, she strongly believes the concept is the crucial factor that dictates the next step and drives the direction of  the design process.

Placing enhanced focus on the concept of time, the “Here and Now.” collection features an array of delicate pieces relaying Petrut’s ideology of life;

“Here and now are the only things we should experience, and yet, this is the most difficult thing to do.”

Reflecting on the complications of punctuality Izabella believes the significance of time poses great importance to her daily life and work.

Izabella Petrut | Here and Now

The talented designer’s conceptual collection hosts a unique array of abstruse shapes gracefully placed on organic jewellery designs, appearing stylish and elegant with an added quirky edge. The designer devotes words of inspiring explanation to each piece, strengthening the comprehension and connection between the wearer, reinforcing its empathetic manner. With each piece carefully constructed from precious crystals, stones, resin and pigment, the durable rocks represent the workings of time and fascination, whilst resin and pigment deliver the drama within the story thanks to its variety of textures.

Describing her art of construction as spontaneous, hectic, and surprising the Romanian designer believes keeping true to herself makes her vision unique. As each project has a different relationship to its materials, every individual touch is unique and represents an unrepeatable moment in time;

“Every paint stroke I make, every finger print you might find in the paint, all the scratches only I can make that way.”

Izabella Petrut | Here and Now

Reflecting on her visionary collections, Petrut believes her facile loss of attention and casual diversion of thought is apparent through her displayed work. The self acclaimed “dreamer” believes her collections host diversity, illustrating her personal interest for that particular moment in time.

When questioned about her artistic look in life, the creative individual pokes fun at her perspective stating;

“Fake it till you make it (wink wink).” –Izabella Petrut

With thanks to Izabella Petrut for her insightful words.