Whether in the form of the pearl, sculptured gemstone or abstract circular design, the sphere has been embedded in jewellery design since the roaring twenties. Offering the perfect combination of exuberance and elegance, a wave of eclectic designs have emerged innovatively integrating this 3d shape into an array of captivating designs.

Lanvin | 2015 Caged Pearl Necklace

Creating timeless, modern pieces of art in the form of wearable jewellery, luxury fashion house Lanvin adopted round shaped conceptual pearls in their 2015 collection. The elegant stone placed upon the collar necklace marks a stark contrast between masculine and feminity, the soft natural sphere adorned upon the hard masculine metal creates an androgynous finish, whilst encompassing elements of avant-garde.

Lanvin | Spring Collection 2015

Extracting the pearl from its traditional ladylike format, the French Fashion Maison delivered the sphere in a contemporary and fresh manner. Attached to an arm cuff bracelet, the conceptual piece appears slightly eccentric whilst remaining elegantly chic.

Salvatore Ferragamo | Spring Collection 2016

Italian fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo creates spherical chic by delivering an array of timeless jewels with a modern twist. Making a daring statement by adopting larger modifiers, the black and white spherical balls attached by simple metallic chains embody the perfect balance for the stylish women seeking classic yet contemporary jewellery pieces.

Stéphanie Van Zwam | White Orbs Collection

Geneva-based designer Stéphanie Van Zwam hosts a whimsical array of audacious and playful designs. Embedding the 3d sphere among her handmade “Orbs Collection” the talented artist aims to produce jewellery that will celebrate and keep one’s inner child alive.

Stéphanie Van Zwam | White Orbs Collection

Drawing inspiration from the earth’s organic beauty and nostalgic childhood memories, Stéphanie Van Zwam’s imagination is bursting with unique spirit. The Central Saint Martins graduate pays specific attention to detail whilst her manipulation of materials alongside her choice of surfaces creates an adventurous style of intricate indulgence. (Dazeen, 2012)

Jennifer Wells | Enameled Steel Balls |  Stell Ball Necklace | Photography jennwells.com

Fusing the art of weaving and jewellery design, highly gifted creative designer Jennifer Wells has produced a captivating necklace that resembles that of a kitchen basket.  Wells begins her innovative construction process by weaving various gauges of steel wire before dipping them into liquid enamel, adding a touch of her personality to her designs the talented artist claims;

The weaving is a quiet meditative process that I greatly enjoy and always brings me back to the baskets in my mother’s kitchen.”

Mahtab Hanna | Gold Vein RingSilver Sensory Earrings |



Embedding the sphere within her intricate collection, London-based jewellery designer Mahtab Hanna adds hints of femininity and chic to her jewellery collection. Her elaborate pieces appear quaint yet encompass an abstruse twist from the complex method of construction.

Adopting both precious and non-precious materials, Hanna believes her art of constuction assists in helping her to communicate through the form of wearable art and reflective objects.

Baiyang Qiu | Gold Necklace | Seeds | Earrings


Chinese-born goldsmith Baiyang Qiu breathes fresh air into this signature style with her revolutionary spherical shaped objects. With an array of versatile designs perfect to compliment daily or evening ensembles,  the innovative designer also ensures each piece is comfortable and light. Elaborating on her design inspirations and objectives, Qiu comments;

“Jewelry has always served as a way to express my ideas, memories, and experiences. My insight comes from childhood dreams, culture shock, or even societal issues. Choosing related materials and technical skills, these personal interests have developed into existential conversations. The subjective relationship between my work and the body is part of this dichotomy, and jewelry acts as a medium to present my perspective to the wearer.” — Baiyang Qiu


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