Spanish multidisciplinary artist Javier Martín‘s ongoing project “Blindness Collection”  explores the contemporary standards of beauty. With avid experience in painting and sculpture, Martín combines monochrome photography with neon lights for his latest “Blindness Light” series to undermine the perfection of fashion portraits.


Javier Martín | Blindness Light | Valli Art Gallery


Javier Martín | ‘Purple Rain’

As an artist who bases his creative exploration on his surroundings, Martín has always been preoccupied with the concepts of perceived beauty.

In the commercial World we live in, the concept of beauty as a reflection of the intrinsic has been dramatically sidelined by industries such as fashion, cosmetics and advertising. As a result, Martín attempts to deconstruct the superficial perception of beauty by devoting his artworks to the very images that promote it.


Javier Martín | ‘Blue Soul’


Javier Martín | ‘The Vision’

Inspired by commercial perfection and the urban grittiness of society; Martín converts his observations into artwork degrading styled perfection and its inherent worth.

La Tempestad

Javier Martín | ‘La Tempestad’

Skin Words

Javier Martín | ‘Skin Words’

Although Martín’s production process varies in his experimentation, a common technique that he adopts is to print the selected B&W photograph on paper and adhere it to a wooden palette; or alternatively, print it directly onto the wooden surface, and then paint over it with acrylic or oil paint to create imperfections.


Javier Martín | Production Process

The installation is completed with a neon light, where the movement and colour adopted depends on the energy of the subject. This final addition is strategically positioned over the eyes to represent ‘the social blindness caused by consumption and technology’, as stated by the artist.


Javier Martín | ‘Sensitivity’

The resulting difference between the somehow flawed photograph and the smooth electrifying neon tube deprives the viewers of the numbing certainty of superficial beauty and invites them to redefine what they perceive as beautiful, or indeed genuine. By obstructing the eyes, the audience is left to mentally configure what they see by themselves. In the process, Martín hopes that one will ‘question themselves and the world that we live in.’


Javier Martín | ‘The Lover’ | Valli Art Gallery

The exhibition is currently being held at Valli Art Gallery, Miami until December 3rd.

Written by Christy Chin

Edited by Christina Wright


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